50+ Last Minute Handmade Gifts You Can DIY in 60 Minutes Or Less!

50+ Last Minute Handmade Gifts You Can DIY in 60 Minutes Or Less!

Stuck for a last minute gift? Here are 50 Last Minute Handmade Gifts you can DIY in 60 Minutes or less!

Christmas is just a few days away, and if you are anything like us, time has gotten away from you and the panic is starting to set in! Who wants to battle the mall in the week before Christmas (not us) and we all know that handmade gifts mean so much to the recipient! We decided to pull together 50 of our favorite handmade gift ideas that can be made in an hour or less! These gift ideas are perfect for any time of year, so make sure you PIN THIS POST so you can refer back to it throughout the year!

Ready? Clear off the dining room table, pull out your mixing bowls (or pinking shears) and let’s “get our creative on” making amazing handmade, homemade, heart-made DIY Gifts!

50 Last Minute Handmade Gift Ideas in 5 Minutes or Less-

This 5 Minute Tissue:Kleenex Holder is a simple sewing projects for beginners. Whip them up for your kids, teachers and friends during cold and flu season. Perfect for stocking stuffers.

Kleenex holder (5 minute project) 

Flower Push Pins

Flower Push Pins (5 minute project)  

What a great beginner sewing project idea! It would make a great kid's craft project too! This 5 minute sewing project gives you step by step instructions, with photos for each step, on how to make a 5 minute fabric scrap bookmark! These would make great teacher gift ideas, stocking stuffer ideas, or father's day or mother's day gifts!

5 Minute Fabric Scrap Bookmark (5 minute project)


Homemade French Onion Dip Mix (5 minute project) 


DIY Gold Wine Glasses (5 minutes project + 30 minutes for baking to set design)

Happy young family enjoy on picnic

Essential Oil Beard Blend (5 minute project) 


Dip Mix Ornaments (5 minute project)

Cord keeper

DIY Power Cord Keeper (5 minute project) 


Nighty Night DIY Bath Salts (5 minute project) 

Skillet Handles

Skillet Handle Cover (5 minute project) 


Marinated Feta in a Mason Jar (5 minute project + at least 1 hour for marinating) 

Last Minute Handmade Gift Ideas in 15 Minutes or Less-


Chocolate Dipping Spoons (10 minutes + time for chocolate to set) 


No sewing machine required fabric flower brooch (10 minute project) 


Homemade salted caramel sauce (10 minute project) 

DIY your own handmade bath bombs, with this simple and easy tutorial which includes a video that walks you through step by step. This is a fun craft project for kids and makes bath time fun when kids discover the Shopkins or toy superhero hidden inside! Also makes a wonderful handmade gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays and other occasions.

DIY Bath Bombs With A Toy Hidden Inside (15 minute project)

Filled with the moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil, olive oil and honey and the exfoliating effect of brown sugar, this DIY Vanilla Honey Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe will leave your skin moisturized, exfoliated and glowing! Use all over your body in the shower, on your hands and feet during manicures and pedicures and even on your face for a natural exfoliating face wash! Say bye bye micro-beads with this all natural DIY body product recipe!

DIY Vanilla Honey Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe (15 Minute project)

Recycled sweater vase cozy

Recycled Sweater Vase Cozy (15 minute project) 

This DIY Washi Tape Stickers Decorated Notebook may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen! Decorate a dollar store sketchpad with DIY Washi Tape Stickers for an easy, personalized handmade gift idea for under $5.00!This DIY Washi Tape Stickers Decorated Notebook may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen! The sketchpad is from the dollar store and is so easy to decorate with DIY washi tape stickers. This makes such a great handmade gift idea for under $5.00!

DIY Washi Tape Stickers Decorated Notebook (15 minute project)


DIY Winter Chai Sugar Scrub (15 minute project)

How to Mount a Photo to Canvas. A Tutorial on HelloCreativeFamily.com

Photo mounted to canvas (15 minutes active time plus drying time)


Essential Oil Diffuser Locket (15 minute project) 

Hello Creative Family's Hipster Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Hipster Shirt made on the Cricut Explore with Expressions Vinyl

Hipster Rudolph Shirt (15 minute project)


Gingerbread Cookie Scrub (15 minute project) 

DIY Tablet Holder

DIY Kitchen Tablet Holder (15 minute project) 

Handmade Tick Tack Toe

Handmade Tic-Tac-Toe (15 minute project) 


Neon Pom Pom Ring (15 minute project)


Flavored Salt (15 minute project) 

DIY Mr. & Mrs Rudolph Hand Towels from Sew Creative made on the Cricut Explore make the perfect Christmas Hostess Gift.

Mr & Mrs Rudolph Hand Towels (15 minute project) 

Cocktail cherries

Cocktail Cherries (15 minute project) 


DIY Sensory Playdough (15 minute project)


Happy Holidays Tea Towels (15 minute project) 

Sew Creative Blog's 15 Minute Envelope Pillow Sewing Tutorial & Fabric Stencilling with Royal Design Studios

Stencilled Pillow Cover (15 minutes + drying time) 


DIY Hard Lotion Bar (15 minute project + cooling time) 

Kid’s Infinity Scarf (15 minute project) 

Last Minute Handmade Gift Ideas in 30 Minutes or Less-

Mocha Mix

Mocha Mix Test Tubes (20 minute project) 

Paint dipped wood candle holder

Paint Dipped Wood Candle Holder (30 minutes + drying time) 


Mason Jar Sewing Kit (20 minute project) 

Fabric Scrap Teacup Coaster Tutorial. A great 30 minute project to use up your fabric scraps. Handmade Homemade Heartmade

Teapot Coaster (30 minute project)


Mint Chocolate Whipped Body Butter (30 minute project)

This 30 Minute Infinity Scarf is a great project for beginners. Also check out the Hello Creative Family Kid's Infinity Scarf on the same site!

Adult Infinity Scarf (30 minute project) 

homemade fudge

Homemade Fudge (30 minute project) 


Hanging Phone Charging Station (30 minute project) 

Homemade Lemon Pepper (30 minutes active time + 60 minutes of oven time) 

Hot Wheels Wallet

Hot Wheels Wallet (30 minute project) 

Embroidery Hoop Mobile

Embroidery Hoop Photo Mobile (30 minute project) 

Last Minute Handmade Gift Ideas in 60 Minutes or Less-


Honey Sweetened Cinnamon Marshmallows (45 minutes + 8 hours to set before cutting) 


Scalloped Sunglass Case with Felt Flower Accents (45 minute project)

This 60 Minute Laptop Sleeve Sewing Tutorial is customizable for any size of laptop from a Macbook Air to a HP Notebook. Perfect for beginner sewers

Customized size laptop cover (60 minute project) 

Fish in a bag

Fish In A Bag Soap (60 minute project) 


Heart Collage Photo Display (60 minute project… print the photos on your home printer to avoid ordering time) 

blanket-play mat- girls playing

Kids Blanket/Play Mat (60 minute project)

A year of dates

A Year of Dates (60 minute project) 

Cable Cozy

Cable Cozy (60 minute project) 

Photo Lampshade

Photo Lampshade (60 minute project) 


Tell us… Do you make handmade gifts for friends and family? Which of these would you love to try?

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Stuck for a last minute gift? Here are 50 Last Minute Handmade Gifts you can DIY in 60 Minutes or less!


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  1. December 21, 2015 @ 2:05 pm Meagan @ Growing Up Herbal

    This is an amazing list and something I”ll definitely be referring back to… and not just for Christmas either! Thanks for including my post on Manly Essential Oil Beard Oil Blends!
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  2. March 21, 2016 @ 12:36 pm Sarah Anderson

    I like the look of a lot of these, but the wooden candle holders are really cute and unique. It’s fun how they are just the flat planks put together to be crosses. My sister really like making wooden craft projects like this, I should show it to her.


  3. November 18, 2016 @ 6:56 am Marsalie

    Some excellent ideas for the many teachers/coaches in our lives.


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    Gosh! what a comprehensive list. Cannot thank you enough Crystal. I like the flower brooch. Brilliant.. I really wanna try to make one for me, crocheting a couple of pillows currently but will make it once i will finish that. Thanks for that idea, however i know it doesn’t need sewing but i would like to make a crochet brooch. Thanks again for this post. I will share it on my social channels.


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    All these wonderful DIY gifts. Perfect for holiday giving.


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