10 Makers We Can’t Wait To Meet At Vancouver Mini Maker Faire + Win Tickets!

10 Makers We Can't Wait To Meet At Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

One of the best things about living in Vancouver is the creative atmosphere! There are so many talented creatives of all ages. This year we are beyond excited to be blog ambassadors for the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire! On June 6 and 7th at Vancouver’s PNE Forum you can absorb some creative vibes when you browse the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, with makers from all over BC who are sure to inspire you. 

Last week, Vancouver Mini Maker Faire released their list of participants. The two of us had a great time going through the list and seeing all of the creative arts that are going to be represented at this year’s faire. Today we decided to share with you 10 of the booths that we are most excited to visit at the faire and let you know why we can’t wait to meet them!


Make Vancouver

I’ve spent many hours browsing in their shop at Granville Island. Their shop is a great place to get inspired, pick up supplies for your next project and support Vancouver handmade artists. I used to have an Etsy store where I sold handmade shirts for kids, so I’m really excited to try out their Mighty Prints & Make Designer Software and design my own custom shirt!

Check out this video and see what they have in store for VMMF attendees!

Nicole Del Negro: Umbrella Bird Jewellery

It never occurred to me when I was a kid that I could have started my own business selling things that I made. It took me years of searching– going to acting school, working in event planning and publishing, before I found my creative self and how I could make a business for myself being creative. Nicole is 17 years old and she creates and sells her wire wrapped jewellery. I find that so inspiring. I can’t wait to meet Nicole and have my daughter meet her too!


Repair Matters

Every weekend when I’m driving my daughter home from gymnastics I can see the city landfill in the distance. Birds are circling overhead and I often wonder to myself what treasures are hidden in the piles of debris. We live in a day in age where so much is taken for granted. If something is damaged our first impulse isn’t to fix it, it’s to throw it away and buy a new one! I’m really excited to visit the Repair Matters booth where they are encouraging attendees to bring any broken object and learn from a repair expert on how to fix it! I would love to be a fly on the wall in their booth, see what people bring in and how each is repaired. Don’t throw it away! Fix it! 

Repair Matters

Star Wars Epic Yarns with Jack and Holman Wang

I have a box full of needle felting supplies that sits on my craft shelf. I have dabbled in needle felting… but I’m not very good at it. It’s an incredible to witness a fluffy wad of wool turn into a compact little felted object after jabbing it over and over and over again with a needle. I know what an art needle felting is, and that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to meet Jack and Holman and see their Star Wars felted characters in person! The other reason I’m excited? I used to be a children’s book publicist and I worked with Chronicle Books, Jack and Holman’s publisher, and I’m so happy for all of the success these guys are having!


Strathcona 1890 Seed Collection/ The Truck Farm

When you think of making, gardening usually isn’t the first thing that pops into your head, however, I think that gardening is one of the best examples of showing children how to make. You take a tiny seed or start, plant it in the ground and watch it transform into an amazing thing. I spent the past weekend planting fruits, vegetables and flowers in our backyard garden with my 2 and 6 year old, it’s a project that we work on together every summer and has given both of them a greater appreciation of the life from scratch world. Many people don’t realize that you don’t have to have a big backyard to plant your own vegetable garden. A patio, a windowsill… a pickup truck… if it get’s sun, you can plant in it. I’m very excited to talk to Strathcona 1890 Seed Collection / The Truck Farm about taking our backyard garden to the next level. 

Truck Farm



Antipod Workshop

Antipod at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire featured on HelloCreativeFamily.com

I love textiles and experimenting with them in home decoration. Described as a “hub for textile-based experimentation,” I knew this was one attendee I’d love to hang out with. Antipod Workshop is a textile design studio by Stephanie Symns and her booth at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire will feature the debut of the “Artifact” line, bold patterned pillows created with photographic details from Vancouver’s graffiti art.

Arts Umbrella

Arts Umbrella, part of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire as featured on Hello Creative Family


I grew up surrounding myself with art classes; drama was my mode of expression. It shaped my life. It is no wonder that I am excited to see Arts Umbrella on the attendees list; a not-for-profit organization that brings arts education to young people. This organization reaches more than 21,500 children a year with their courses and outreach program. Amazing and worth our support! Drop by, I am sure they will have some fun activities to engage the kids.

Brickbots – Jessi Langager and Joshua Langager

Jessi and Joshua Langager will be at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. As seen on HelloCreativeFamily.com

We love creative kids and this brother and sister duo is definitely on our “must-hang-with” list. Jessi and Joshua will be showing off their programmable robot at the Faire. This duo has been showcasing their robotic skills at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire for the last few years and they love inspiring other kids to learn robotic skills. We love how they inspire us to get creative.

Vancouver LEGO Club

Vancouver LEGO Club on HelloCreativeFamily.com

This one is for my oldest son – a LEGO fan-atic. I am thrilled that he loves LEGO, as it inspires him to get creative making not only the pre-packed designs but his own playful and amazing creations. I am excited to see what the Vancouver LEGO Club has in store for us. The club will be showcasing a Batman-themed design, as well as the many talents of their “master builders.”

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild on HelloCreativeFamily.com

I have a passion for quilting, and an appreciation for those who can do it extremely well. Modern quilt patterns are my favourite, and I own an unfinished project or two of my own. I am excited to hang out with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and to check out samples of their own creations. This will be inspiring!

We can’t wait! Do we have you excited for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire?

There are so many talented people at this year’s faire, it was difficult to choose our top 10! Who are you most excited to see? For a complete list of all the participants, visit the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire website

Want to hang out with us at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire? We’re giving away tickets to one lucky winner! Tell us what excites you the most about the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire and enter to win below!

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  1. May 21, 2015 @ 12:27 pm Teresa

    What excites me about the Faire is the variety – there’s always something there that I couldn’t have imagined existed, or that someone could make with their hands and imagination.
    Teresa recently posted…French Food Revolution Friday with Dorie 2015My Profile


  2. May 26, 2015 @ 10:30 am craftygramma

    It looks to be kid friendly! I could take my oldest grands for both the textiles and Legos!! Win-win!


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  4. June 11, 2015 @ 2:22 pm The Espresso Tamping King

    One by one, all of my close friends are moving to BC, and I can’t help but see why. There’s so much cool stuff going on there. This article was great, thanks so much for sharing! :)

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