15 Picks for the Most Inspiring Wall Art

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Fill your home with beautiful and inspiring images with these 15 Inspiring Wall Art Ideas from Hello Creative Family

I have always had a love for the two things necessary to putting together a cosy house: a love for unique items that express my interests and passions AND a desire to shop! There are a few things I am particularly inclined to buy: pillows, baskets and wall art. 

After our move last summer, my husband and I have been hard at work renovating our kitchen and living space. It was in need of a solid upgrade; moving from pickled peach cabinets and linoleum, paired with the world’s dirtiest carpet, to hardwood, white cabinets and a stunning steel grey backsplash. Here’s a taste.

Karen's Kitchen Reno - Picture 1

We aren’t quite there yet, and spent time this past weekend hanging pictures. I have a few in my collection I am quite proud of. Two complimentary costume design drawings from days working in the theatre, and a new painting we bought at a gallery this past fall. We also have an original painting from my favourite artist, my dad. 

It’s easy to find unique, stunning pieces of art where I live. But also equally easy to find amazing pieces online. Whether you are decorating your main living space as we have been, or finding art for a child’s room, here are a few of my favourite online finds.

Rose Hill Design Studio featured on Hello Creative Family

Rose Hill Design Studio

DIY Abstract Art by The Fox and She

Your Own DIY Abstract Art (Like this one by The Fox and She)

By Barbara Cole

Underworld by Barbara Cole

Modern Rustic Art

Modern Rustic Art

Clarafonia Print


The Sunshine Garden

The Sunshine Garden

Woodland Animal Decals by Chocovenyl as featured on HelloCreativeFamily.com


That's How I Roll Printable by The Crown Prince

The Crown Prints

Good Things Come from Those Who Hustle by Wishful Printing

Wishful Printing

The story of the fall art work

The Story of the Fall

Tangled Pony Designs

Tangled Pony Designs

Rachel Levingston

Rachel Levingston

Wall Art by Children Inspire

Children Inspire

Wildwood Earth Art

Wildwood Earth Art

And the best art of all – the ones painted by the little hands that matter most to you. 

4 Cats Inspired Art Work

 Artist Ellie in Art Class with 4 Cats

Tell us… What do you love to decorate your home with? 

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