Announcing Hello Creative Family’s 2016 Adult Coloring Calendar + Win One!

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Announcing Hello Creative Family's 2016 Adult Coloring Calendar
Editor note: Call me old fashioned, but I use a printed calendar to do the Hello Creative Family Editorial calendar. Each month I print a new page, add it to my “editorial calendar clipboard” and plot everything out with pencil and paper. If you hang around here much, you’ll know that Crystal M is an AMAZING artist. She’s created some beautiful printables for us including our Give Love Holiday Printable
Give love. Give the gift of handmade this holiday season! Check out Hello Creative Family's Give Love Free Holiday Printable. Perfect for decorating a holiday mantel or sending as a Christmas card.
Free Harry Potter Printable "Happiness Can Be Found Even In The Darkest of Times If One Only Remembers To Turn On The Light" & How Harry Potter Impacted My Life
I adore Crystal’s art,  and so a couple of months ago I asked her if she would be interested in creating a coloring calendar for Hello Creative Family readers. She agreed, and today we’re “officially” releasing it into the world. 

Please take a moment to download the month of January for free, and head on over to the Hello Creative Family Shop to purchase the full calendar. They would make wonderful gifts for family and friends… or for yourself! Make sure to read all the way to the end of this post for your chance to win a free download of our 2016 Adult Coloring Calendar!
From Crystal M, the artist: Despite the fact that I use Google Calender, Evernote and Asana to keep track of my life, I still buy a physical calendar every year.
The inspiration for this calendar comes from a few different sources. A good friend of mine had recently gifted me a new sketchbook and I had been drawing these intricate little patterns and doodles. My mother-in-law suggested I create an adult coloring book, which are all the rage these days, and I am personally a fan of. When Crystal asked if I would make a calendar for the holiday gift guide, I was so stoked and got the idea of incorporating the two ideas.
The theme of this calendar is two-fold. Houses + Adult Coloring book.  I love adult coloring books and also I’ve got houses on the brain. I started drawing these little houses a couple years ago. They started as sketchbook doodles and I found that I never had a lack of ideas for them. Drawing them feels like the perfect balance of freedom and constraint.
Most adult coloring books have super intricate drawings that cover entire pages that can take days and days to finish. However, I didn’t want to create something that took people ages to complete, especially since calendars are meant to be temporary. So instead, I made mini scenes you would look forward to coloring each month. Rather than just flipping over the calendar page, start the month off with a mini coloring session!
Tip: I think everyone could use this tip, but I think especially so for new parents. Print the calendar pages on nice quality paper stock (the heaviest you can fit through your printer), then every month you can cut away the calendar portion and write on the back a memorable moment about your baby from that month. At the end of the year, bind them together (you can sew them together, use a ring and a hole punch, etc.) and save them as a keepsake.

Want to win our 2016 Adult Coloring Calender? Tell us… Do you color? If so, do you sneak pages from your kiddo’s coloring book or do you have your own?

Contest open worldwide and is for 1 free download of Hello Creative Family’s 2016 Adult Coloring Calendar. 

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  1. I love to color my kids are bigger so no coloring books but we have loads of art supplies around I have been thinking of getting one of the new adult coloring books that are out not sure how long i would get to hold on to it.

  2. Angela Mitchell says:

    I usually colour with my kids in their book but it would be fun to have my own.

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    I haven’t coloured in a long time.

  4. I color with my son using his pictures the he provides for me:)

  5. i do! i have a couple of my own books — they are not too intricate, or difficult — i don’t need to be frustrated while colouring. i enjoy it very much and feel i have accomplished something when i finish a page!

  6. I would love to colour, but i do not have a colouring book as of yet!

  7. although i haven’t coloured in years, i used to love doing it with the kids when they were little

  8. Heather B says:

    I do color with my kids. I have not bought any adult coloring books but I plan to as soon as I have the extra money.

  9. I used to colour all the time (before it was trendy) but I had to use my kids books because thee wasn’t really anything else available. I would love to start back up again. It was so relaxing!

  10. Sunshine H says:

    I do enjoy colouring, and I have some nice colouring books, before it even got popular! Though, the ones that are out now for adults are really phenomenal.

  11. I love to colour and do so with my nieces as often as possible

  12. I love to color! I don’t have an adult coloring book but would love to get one.

  13. I have my own colouring book. My sweetheart bought me a Dragon one for my birthday. I love to have it when we are out camping in the trailer.

  14. I like to color. Usually I’ll find a page online to print.

  15. Emma Sterling says:

    This is gorgeous! My boys love coloring and finding ways to be creative. Thanks for sharing! I think you should check out this family organizer,! It’s made planning and organizing my family so much simpler. I absolutely love it!