Articles by Brooke

Brooke Takhar is a Vancouver-based writer, editor and social media enthusiast. When she isn’t Netflix parenting, blogging about her daughter or running short but sweaty distances, she's asleep or wishing she was asleep.

Creative Voices: Fitting In

When I was in elementary school, I would drag my unsuspecting mom to suburban retail boutiques. The sales girls sported high-waisted jeans and even higher bangs and studiously ignored us while I ran my fingers across all the clothes with the bold-faced names that I recognized from my glossy magazines at home. Guess. Esprit. The…

Creative Voices: Curses!

Even though my husband and I both love a good-timed and cleverly insulting salty curse word, the day our daughter was born we had an unofficial pinky swear agreement – let’s try and keep our language G rated around her tender pink ears. (Essentially this makes me a verbal Jekyll and Hyde. The second she…

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