Articles by Renee

As the mother of three teenagers, Renee Mackey-Burson of SweetRevelations, often feels the need to knead! Nothing clears the mind and calms the heart like icing a cake or rolling a big ball of dough into submission. Despite the full time job, the chauffeuring between schools and hockey arenas, this former bake shop owner still manages to scratch bake bread and other sweets for her family almost daily! Why she does it? Plain and simple: it’s cheaper than therapy.

Glazed Earl Grey Bundt Cake Recipe

My love for Earl Grey is pretty steadfast.  It’s my after lunch treat, my nose-deep in a novel companion and my pre-bedtime sip.  I had never even drank it before, until I made this incredible London Fog Cake, by the very talented Tessa Huff (this cake is a must try if you’re a tea lover).  I…

Fig and Prosciutto Pizza Recipe

This summer I went on an epic road trip to New York City.   Two friends and I piled in the car and drove 12 hours into the bustling city to embark on a foodie tour for a few days.  We hit up every bakery we passed and stopped in at any bagel shop we could find.  We stayed in…

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