BBQ Shirts Made On The Cricut- Perfect Handmade Guy Gift

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BBQ Shirts Made On The Cricut- Perfect Handmade Guy Gift

BBQ Shirts Made On The Cricut- Perfect Handmade Guy Gift

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Today I’m sharing with you a project that I made last year for all of the men in my family for Christmas. It was the PERFECT guy gift and I was able to whip up 4 shirts in an hour… I’m pretty sure that I made them on December 23rd… I’m a last minute DIYer. 😉 

The guys in my family LOVE to BBQ. My dad is at the BBQ every weekend, grilling for him and my mom. My brother-in-law loves smoking fish at his grill and is constantly on the hunt for the perfect cut of meat for his BBQ. The Hubs loves to BBQ as well and spends a lot of time at the grill with my dad, absorbing my Dad’s grilling skills and having deep “guy time” conversations with my Dad. There’s something about men and BBQ’s isn’t there? It’s where guys go to bond!  

I’m pretty sure that my little guy will become BBQ crazy when he grows up a bit, he already loves to eat everything that comes off of it! So I decided to include him in the BBQ shirt fun too. 

Last year I saw a screen printed BBQ shirt from The Cards We Drew that I loved, but I didn’t have the materials to make it. If you own a Cricut, you know that you can make just about anything on it… so I turned on the Cricut, thought up a few more BBQ slogans and got started! (If you don’t have a Cricut, I highly suggest trying out the screen printed one from The Cards We Drew).

I decided on four sayings. 

Grill Collage

For my Dad:

Grill Master

For my brother-in-law:

I Turn Grills On

For The Hubs:

The Grills Love Me

For little man:

Grill Master in Training


Want to make one of your own? Read on!

BBQ Shirts Made On The Cricut- Perfect Handmade Guy Gift




1. Find your favorite BBQ image in Cricut’s Design Space Library or upload your own.

2. Type in your favorite BBQ saying and pick your favorite font (I used Extreme Fonts Little League)

3. Size your images and words so they fit your shirt

4. Click Go, click the Mirror Image Box, and then cut using your favorite iron on vinyl

5. Iron on shirt following iron on light instructions.

I hope that there is a BBQ loving person in your life who will love these shirts as much as mine did!


Tell me… Do you know someone who is crazy for BBQ?

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  1. kristen visser says:

    I turn grills on oh my gosh I love it! that gave me a little chuckle. these are too cute. perfect for my dad and hubby. They totally should have one