DIY Snowman Wreath Made From Embroidery Hoops- Countdown to Christmas Day 13-

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Countdown to Christmas Day 13- DIY Snowman Wreath Made From Embroidery HoopsToday is day 13 of the Sew Creative Countdown to Christmas. I hope that you’ve enjoyed all of my gift ideas so far. You can see all of the Sew Creative Countdown to Christmas Ideas here.  Today I thought that I would shake things up a bit and share with you a gift that you can craft yourself. I’d like to introduce you to Sparkles, my DIY Snowman Wreath, he’s made from embroidery hoops and is the perfect winter front door decoration.

I made Sparkles last winter. I clearly remember making him. It was a couple of months before I started Sew Creative (which I had been dreaming of starting for years). I had finally made the decision to make it happen in 2014. I remember as I was putting him together thinking “This would be so much fun to write about if I had a blog.” What a difference a year makes. At the end of last winter, The Hubs put Sparkles away with the rest of our Christmas ornaments. A few weeks ago I came home from work and there Sparkles was hanging on our front door. He immediately put a big smile on my face.

What You Need  To Make a DIY Snowman Wreath:

-2 circular embroidery hoops in varying sizes
-White fleece
-Buttons for eyes, mouth and any other snowman embellishments
-Orange felt for carrot nose
-You can either handmake the scarf and hat or use a baby scarf and hat
-Needle and Thread
-Ribbon for hanging and attaching two hoops together

I think that this is one of those projects that you should have fun with and let your creativity run rampant. I’m going to give very broad instructions here and let you make this project your own.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Snowman Wreath

1. Trace your embroidery hoops lightly onto the fleece using a pencil. Cut around the circle leaving a 1 inch border all the way around.

2. Embellish your fleece with the snowman’s eyes, nose, buttons and any other decorations that you would like.

3. Put your fleece into the embroidery hoops. Before you tighten use a ribbon to tie the two hoops together.

4. Decorate with scarf and hat.

5. Add a ribbon to hang your snowman with.

If you make a snowman of your own I would love to see photographs. I hope you have as much fun making them as I did. I’m sure the recipient of your snowman will get a huge smile on their face everytime they see it. You may have to make a second one to hang from your own front door.

I hope you enjoyed today’s special DIY edition of our countdown to Christmas.

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I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 14 of my Great Gifts Countdown To Christmas.

Tell me… how do you decorate your front door for the holidays?

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