Creative Kids: Thread Wrapping Project with Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper

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Creative Kids: Thread Wrapping Project with Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper

Do you remember the 90’s? Am I dating myself by saying “I certainly do!” In 1990 I was 11 years old and in grade 6 at Fairhaven Middle School in Bellingham, Washington. Seattle was just an hour and a half to the south, bands like Nirvana and Sound Garden were taking center stage and the grunge look was gaining in popularity! Young adults everywhere were intent on creating their own looks, being their own person and expressing themselves creatively.

I remember one way that my friends and I did this was with thread wrapping. We would take our favorite colors of embroidery floss and wrap everything from pens, to bangles, to our hair!

I recently decided to take Bean on a journey “back in time” and the two of us spent the afternoon doing some thread wrapping! As with most trends, everything old eventually becomes new again, and Crayola invented an amazing thread wrapping machine called the Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper which makes this process a whole lot easier than I remember it being from my childhood.


 Bean was giddy when she opened up the box and saw what was inside. As soon as she sees a crafty project she can’t wait to get started. Our minds immediately started racing with what we could wrap with thread… pens, pencils (those two were our obvious first choices), the handle of a hair brush, the dog’s leash!

We immediately got to work and quickly wrapped up these three beauties. 


The machine is easy to use, you pick between 1 and 3 colors of thread and then load them into the wrapping machine. My girl had a ton of fun picking her favorite colors of thread for each project that we wrapped.  You then stick whatever you are wrapping into the center of the machine, press a button and work the object you are wrapping back and forth until the entire thing is wrapped. If you want to change your colors, part way through wrapping, you simply stop pressing the button, clip your threads and tie them, change colors in the machine and start wrapping again!

Our next project was a bit more ambitions, the dog’s leash. Very achievable but a longer project that took more thread. 

PicMonkey Collage

How cute did this finished leash turn out? 


 I love that the Thread Wrapper is one more way that my girl can express herself creatively, letting her true colors shine! 

The last project that we did with our Thread Wrapper? Thread wrapped hair of course! What can I say? I’m a mom from the 90’s!


Let your kiddo’s inner colors shine with the Crayola Creation Thread Wrapper. The perfect gift for any creative kid. 

Disclosure: Thank you to Crayola for working with us on this post. As with all articles on Hello Creative Family, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. 

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  1. Thread Wrapped Hair?!?! Your little girl looks awesome! This is definitely something I’ll have to try with my little girl, especially since we plan on having a 90’s theme New Year’s Eve party!

  2. Oh! This is SO cool! My daughter would love this! She likes wrapping everything! I’m going to look for this to add to her Christmas presents 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard of the Crayola Thread Wrapper before! It’s so cool! I know my daughter would love to thread her hair. I’m sure she could think of a few other things to thread too! This looks like a fun product.

  4. Oh my gosh – blast from the past! It’s so funny the things that are becoming popular again. I love how the dog leash turned out — what a fun project to enjoy together!

  5. This is fantastic! I would have LOVED this in the 90s too 🙂 Actually… I did! Tee hee. My daughter would probably be a little young for this, but her older cousins would definitely dig this. What a great project for any creative little one. It would be so fun for them to bring something to fruition like this.

  6. Oh I loved kits like this when I was a little girl. I would spend afternoons creating all sorts of things. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to do arts and crafts instead of just eating them.