Crunchy Rainbow Glitter Slime Recipe + Over 50 Crafts, DIYs and Activities To Keep Kids Busy

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Keep kids busy for hours with this crunchy rainbow glitter slime recipe that goes snap, crackle pop when you squeeze it! This post also has over 50 other activities to keep kids busy during summer break!

Summer vacation started in Vancouver two weeks ago, and I’m already hearing “We’re bored!” My favorite line to tell my kids is “Only boring people get bored. You are both creative individuals and when you have your creativity there are endless possibilities to keep you entertained.”

The other day I whipped up a batch of crunchy rainbow glitter slime for a post that I did for You can find the recipe here. I know that kids love slime and that it would keep them entertained for a good chunk of time, but I wasn’t prepared for just how long they would play with it! 3 hours!!! For 3 hours friends they sat at our dining room table playing with slime. Every day since then they have pulled out the slime and played with it for at least an hour a day. In this house, this is a #MomWin!

One of the things that my kids seem to love the most about this slime is that I used FloraCraft Slime Ballz in the recipe (you can find them here). The balls give the slime a crunch and because they create air pockets it makes the slime snap, crackle and pop as you play with it!

Don’t forget to head on over to to find the recipe!

Looking for some more winning ideas for how to keep your kids busy this summer? Here are a few of my favorite summer DIYs, crafts and activities!

Summer just got a whole lot more fun with this fabulous weekend family project! Create your own set of brightly colored, DIY Tenzi Outdoor Yard Dice Game with the fun #sponsored tutorial using Rustoleum spraypaint!

DIY Tenzi Outdoor Dice Set

DIY Water Spray Table Using A Plastic Storage Container

Looking for a fun outdoor summer activity with the kids Check out this Easy DIY Chalk Paint made using ingredients you already have at home! A fun kids summer art project. Perfect for Easy Cleanup Splatter Paint Parties!

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

DIY Dinosaur Excavation Sensory Bin Perfect For Palaeontologists To Be!

DIY Dinosaur Excavation Sensory Bin


Looking for tons of great kids craft ideas to keep children busy over summer break Here is a great list of kid's projects from some of the best craft bloggers around!

27 Kids Crafts To Keep Your Kids Busy Through Summer Break

Looking for ways to keep your children entertained during summer break? Hello Creative Family pulled together 27 of the best kids crafts and DIY projects that are guaranteed to have your kids using their creativity and imagination this summer!

27 More Kids Crafts & DIY Projects For Summer

 Tell me… what are some of your favorite ways to keep your kids entertained in the summer?

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