The First Day of the Rest Of My Life and a Free Inspirational Printable

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Copy of Life is a story make yours a bestseller inspiring inspirational printable free

Last night I came home from work and said to the Hubs “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” He laughed at me “Do you think you’re being a bit dramatic? I’d say that this is the first page in the next chapter of your life.” Regardless of how you word it, yesterday was pretty monumental in my life. You see, it was my last day at the company where I spent the last 7 years building my career.

Crystal's last day at Raincoast
Leaving work on my last day at Raincoast.

I recently decided that I needed to make a major life change. It was something that The Hubs and I had been chatting about for a few months, we’d been going over the numbers back and forth, back and forth. I was feeling burned out, trying to keep too many balls in the air at once and not spending enough time on the things that truly make me happy.

Each time The Hubs and I had this conversation it ended in the same way. Being the fabulous husband that he is, he would say to me “I support you with whatever you want to do.”

A week after one of these chats I walked into my boss’ office. The Hubs and I had not discussed that I was going to do this, but it just felt like the time. My boss and I chatted for a long time, but the long and the short of my message to him was “I’ve been thinking, I need to make a life change. I need to be creatively challenged. I need to concentrate on the things that I’m really good at and let go of the things that I’m not. I need to do what makes my soul sing. I think that means walking away from this job.”

In many ways, coming to this decision was heart breaking. I’ve been working as a children’s book publicist for the past 7 years. I adore children’s books. I have had the opportunity to work with so many fabulous authors during my carreer. My co-workers are like family to me. They were there when the Hubs and I got married, when we welcomed both of our children into the world. They have watched my kids grow, have encouraged my passion and my creativity, and they have helped shape me into the woman who I am today… my coworkers are like sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. But I was/am ready for a change. And so I decided it was time to part ways. 

I’m excited to say that I’ve decided to take my 15 years of experience in marketing, publicity, social media and events and start my own social media and PR firm.  I am expanding on West Coast Creative Events that  Tara from Suburble and I started a few months back and calling it West Coast Creative Co.  You can see an example of our first West Coast Creative event at Collage Collage here

West Coast Creative Co will help build fabulous online communities for incredible brands and businesses. We’ll connect talented bloggers with cutting edge companies and help them create stories that will speak to readers. We are going to to invent creative, inspiring social media campaigns.

This giant career leap means a major life change for me. It means that I am going to write more. I’m going to create more. I’m going to live more. I’m going to learn something new every day.  I’m going to create partnerships with people who are doing amazing things and we are going to create even more amazing things together.

It’s going to be terrifying and exhilarating, because if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.  

When I launch the West Coast Creative Co. website I’ll make sure to share the link. In the meantime, if you know anyone looking for social media help or a fabulous freelance writer to cover topics including food, crafts and children’s book reviews… please think of me.  In celebration of my new life, I made this Life is a story… make yours a bestseller! free inspirational printable. Pin it, download it, share it, let it inspire you. Click the image for an 8X10″ pdf. 

Copy of Life is a story make yours a bestseller inspiring inspirational printable freeTell me… Have you made any major life decisions recently?

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  1. Wow, fabulous and inspiring story!! It can be scary to take the leap but so exciting at the same time. Best of luck! Sky

    1. Thank you so much Sky! Fabulous female entrepreneurs like yourself are such an inspiration. I know so many women who have recently decided to take that leap and are having so much success! It’s inspiring.

      Thank you for visiting and for sending luck my way!

      Best Wishes,


  2. Wishing you all the luck in your new career move!

  3. You go girl! I wish I had your passion and guts! I am truly envious of your vision! I wish you all the best!

  4. Jane Millar says:

    Feeling inspired! Great story! Congratulations and wishing you every success in your new venture and be sure to hug your hubs, he’s a keeper, having support when you decide to spread your wings in a new direction makes all the difference!

  5. So proud of you Crystal! It makes me believe I can do it too!