HCF Featured Craft of the Week- DIY Cork Board Map from Love Joy Glitter

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DIY Cork Board Map Tutorial from Love Joy Glitter. Turn a cork bulletin board into an adorable map with this easy tutorial.

A few weeks ago when I was hanging out at SNAP I had the opportunity to meet the most incredible young woman. Her name is Colby, she’s 14 years old and she runs her own DIY and Craft blog called Love Joy Glitter. My mind was blown when I met her. Not only is she young, talented, creative and passionate enough that she has committed to blogging about her creativity, she also has a mom who supports her and believes in her enough that she spent time and money to bring her to a craft blogging conference in Salt Lake City. Way to go mom!

Bean has been telling me for over a year now that when she grows up she wants to be a blogging zoologist. When she found out that I was going to SNAP she asked me if she could come too. I told her that one day, when she starts blogging that she can come with me to lots of blogging conferences. 

At SNAP my first run in with Colby was in the women’s washroom. I walked past her, stopped, turned around, went back to her and gushed out something very fangirly that might have gone something like “I have to tell you that you are such an inspiration. My daughter wants to be a blogger when she grows up and having someone like you to look up to is so inspiring. You are amazing and I just had to tell you that.” I may (or may not… but probably the first) have had tears in my eyes when I said all of this. Colby was very gracious, thanked me and then I ran and escaped into a bathroom stall feeling like such a dork. 

On Tuesday I put the word out that we are looking for craft and recipe posts to feature on Hello Creative Family for our weekly HCF Featured Craft of the Week and HCF Featured Recipe of the Week. I was so excited when I noticed that Colby was the very first person to respond. 

Hello Creative Family Craft of the Week DIY Cork Board Map Tutorial from Love Joy Glitter. Turn a cork bulletin board into an adorable map with this easy tutorial.

Colby submitted this adorable DIY Cork Board Map Tutorial.  She had seen a cork board world map that she loved, but it was out of her price range. Being the crafty gal that she is, she decided to DIY it and take a old cork board that she had in her room that was falling apart and make one of her own! The finished project is just as cute as can be! For the full tutorial head on over to Love Joy Glitter!

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature! When we talked in the bathroom I was the one who was dorky!! I have been reading your blog (before it was Hello Creative Family) for a while!! I was nervous, but you were so nice!!! It was awesome meeting you! XOXO