HCF Featured Craft of the Week- Easy Criss Cross Purse Sewing Project from The Princess and Her Cowboys

This criss cross person pattern is a great sewing project for beginners. I  love all the photos in the tutorial.


If you followed me while I was still blogging at Sew Creative, it will come as no shock to you that I really enjoy sewing. What may surprise you is that I can’t follow a sewing pattern to save my life! Written sewing instructions baffle me. I’m a visual learner so if I can watch someone sewing a project I have no problem following along, executing the techniques. Similarly if I’m working on a project that has loads of step-by-step photos, I’m all good. More often than not, if there is something I want to make, I take a look at something similar, flip it inside out, see how it is sewn, and create a pattern myself. 

That’s why I love today’s HCF Featured Craft of the Day so much! Today I’m sharing Britney from The Princess and Her Cowboys’ Easy Criss Cross Purse Sewing Project. Britney recently took a trip to Hawaii (my most favorite place in the whole world!) and while she was there she spent time hanging out at the local markets. One of her market finds was a hobo bag. 

Britney loved the bag so much, that she decided to replicate it and make one of her very own! How’s that for a crafty gal?!?!? Britney’s tutorial is fabulous for a visual girl like me, because it’s filled with pictures that help you visualize exactly how you sew the bag. I’ll definitely be sewing one up soon!

Visit The Princess and Her Cowboys and check out Britney’s Easy Criss Cross Purse Sewing Project and make your very own hobo style bag!

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'HCF Featured Craft of the Week- Easy Criss Cross Purse Sewing Project from The Princess and Her Cowboys' have 6 comments

  1. May 28, 2017 @ 11:54 am Marylu B Swails

    Can’t get to the pattern for criss cross hobo bag. Is there a way to get it?


  2. June 8, 2017 @ 5:58 pm Angela Short

    Very pretty totebag!!


    • June 12, 2017 @ 4:32 pm Marylu B Swails

      Can’t find the pattern anywhere. Help anyone!


      • June 13, 2017 @ 9:38 am Crystal

        It looks like the blogger rebranded her site. I would recommend emailing her and ask if it’s still available online somewhere. I found her email address on the site. It is: britmax [at] marriagefamilystrong [dot] com.

        I hope that helps!


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