HCF Featured DIY of the Week- Jewelry and Scarf Wall Organizer from A Girl and a Gluegun

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A Girl And A Gluegun DIY Necklace and Scarf Organizer

Once every couple of weeks I have minor freakout because I can’t find a necklace, scarf, bracelet or miscellaneous other piece of jewelry that I’m trying to find. I tear the house apart, ranting “Why can’t people just keep their hands off of my stuff!” Usually I find the missing accessory hiding under a pile of clothes, swept under a magazine or buried beneath other jewelry. I have a ton of jewelry that I’ve collected over the years, but I only wear a handful of pieces because the rest of it is hidden away in a million and one jewelry boxes and you know the saying “Out of site, out of mind.” 

I hate storing my jewelry in jewelry boxes because it always comes out in a tangle, but I’ve never really come up with an alternative that can organize my plethora of accessories… Until now!

This week’s HCF DIY of the Week is a Jewelry and Scarf Wall Organizer from Kimbo at A Girl And A Glue Gun.

$20. That’s how much Kimbo spent to create her jewelry and scarf wall organizer. $20 is all that it would take for my jewelry to be as organized as Kimbo’s! Every necklace would have it’s proper place, every scarf would have a hook to hang on! This my friends, needs to be my long weekend project! I love the organization! It’s definitely something I need help with.

Check out Kimbo’s earring organizer too. 

A Girl And A Gluegun DIY Jewelry and Scarf Organizer

Head on over to A Girl and a Glue Gun to get all of the details on what supplies Kimbo used for this project, how she put them all together and for the story of why the word Finish is on the wall. 


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