Hot Air Balloon Themed Children’s Bedroom With Wallternatives Decals

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Hot Air Balloon  Children's Room  With Wallternatives Wallprint Decals

When we moved into our new house I vowed that Bean’s room would be one of the first things that I re-decorated. 2 years later her room was the same pepto bismol pink it was when we first moved in. When I asked my girl how she wanted her room decorated she flitted from idea to idea. “I want this wall to be mermaids, and this wall to be the Lion King. I want this wall to be a princess locked in a tower. Oh and can this wall have puppies and kittens?”

Picking one theme and sticking to it isn’t an idea that she could get her head around. I have had a hard time pressuring her to pick a theme and the thought of tackling 4 themes in one room is both daunting and ridiculous. Isn’t it?

“What would happen though if I let her pick 2 themes? How would one transition from one land to the next?” I asked myself.

The answer came to me when I was at SNAP Conference. I walked up to Royal Design Stencils’ booth and saw this:

Royal Design Stencils Booth at SNAP

Hot Air Balloons! Not only were they GORGEOUS!!! They were also the perfect mode of transportation to travel from one world to the next. I new I must have them. 

Fast forward a month and a set of Hot Air Ballons Wallprints Fabric Decals arrived at our door.  That weekend, Bean and I put on our painting clothes and got to turning that room from pepto to sky blue. 

Wallternatives Hot Air Ballon Themed Children's Room from Sew Creative 1

 The following weekend I worked on a bit of Hot Air Balloon Wood Wall Art (a post on that will follow). And this past weekend we pulled the wall together. What do you think?

Wallternatives Hot Air Ballon Themed Children's Room from Sew Creative Pic 1 Wallternatives Hot Air Ballon Themed Children's Room from Sew Creative Pic 2Bean loves how it turned out and I do to. I love that it’s a theme that we can play with and add more on to. Bean says that she lays in bed, stares at the wall and imagines all the places that the hot air balloons will bring her in her dreams. 

The signs on the wall say:

  • Rise and Shine
  • Follow Your Dreams 
  • Up, Up and Away

I’ve used decals in the past, but I have never found a decal that was so easy to use. Even 5 year old Bean was able to put up some of the decals herself. They were easy to position, peeled off easily if you needed to re-position, yet stayed where they were supposed to be once you pressed them down. At one point one of the hot air balloons folded over on itself. As I saw the two pieces of adhesive adhere to each other I thought “Shoot, I guess we’re going to have to get rid of that one.” Nope. It easily came apart and then stuck firmly to the wall. Best yet they are re-usable so if we ever move, our decals can come with us!


Some facts about WallPrints™ Fabric Decals

· WallPrints™ Fabric Decals are made using a 4-color printing process printed on a premium polyester fabric backed with a revolutionary repositionable adhesive. Simple peel & stick to any smooth surface. Removable. Reusable.

· WallPrints™ Fabric Decals’ material does not peel, rip or wrinkle, and even if the adhesive side folds on itself it can be pulled apart with ease. Test for yourselves and see!

· WallPrints™ can be moved and re-applied over and over again as long as the adhesive remains clean. Unlike similar fabric decal materials on the market, the repositionable adhesive will NOT weaken or strengthen over time, meaning you can leave your WallPrint up for a day or for 10 years, and it will still remove easily, without creating any surface damage or leaving adhesive residue.

· WallPrints™ material is US patented, green and nontoxic. It contains no PVC, Phthlates, Glycol-ether or Formaldehyde, and is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable over time.

· Many of the WallPrints™ Design Packs and Mural Sets are intended for interactivity, allowing YOU to be the designer with more creative choices for layout and placement.

Wallternatives has a whole line of products that just came to the market including:

  • WallPrints™ Fabric Decals
  • ChalkTalk™ Chalkboard Art
  • Designer Vinyl Decals
  • WallAppeal™ Removable Wallpaper (COMING SOON)
  • EtchLook™ Decals to look like etched glass(COMING SOON)

Check out the Wallternatives website to see all of the fabulous designs. 

Here are a few of my favorites that I’d love to decorate other rooms in my house with.

Scrabble Saying Alphabet Letter Tile Happiness Wall Print Fabric Decal

Scrabble Saying Alphabet Letter Tile Happiness Wall Print Fabric Decal


Woodland Critters Wall Prints Fabric Decal Set

Woodland Critters Wall Prints Fabric Decal Set

Tell me… Which Wallternatives Decal Set is your favorite?

“Disclosure: I am part of a Wallternatives blogger campaign for which I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.” 

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  1. Real cute bedroom decoration tips here Crystal. That white crib looks really nice, you could add even more touch with adding some colour to headboards and bedding too.

  2. That’s a lovely shade of blue! I love the decals, I’m pretty sure she’s a very happy kid in that room!!!!