Mommy Monday- I Heart Handmade: Bean, Age 6


Mommy Monday, I heart handmade, Bean Age 6 Sew Creative

I love, love, love the stage that Bean is at right now. She is 6 years old and she is so much fun. She still loves to hold my hand when we walk to school (even in the hallways). It makes her day when I volunteer in her classroom (she gives a lot of proud “that’s my mom” comments to friends). She’s so much fun to do crafts with (I love it when Turtle takes his nap and the two of us can work on “big girl” projects together). And she loves handmade (she delights in telling friends, teachers and anyone who may be interested that her mom made something that she is wearing).

Just after Christmas, I asked Bean what she would like for me to crochet for her. She asked for a new crocheted slouch hat (free pattern here) because she had lost the one that I made her a couple of years ago. After rooting through my yarn basket, she decided that this year she wanted it in purple. I puff stitched and puff stitched and puff stitched and puff stitched some more and before I knew it I had this fab hat (one of the reasons I love it is that it’s stretchy enough that I can wear it too!)

I Heart Handmade, Bean Age 6, Kids Crocheted Slouch Hat, Sew CreativeAnother Christmas gift I made for her were some new shirts, made on the Cricut Explore! I bought her a couple of blank shirts for Christmas and then the two of us had a shirt making party using iron on vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. Bean loves animals and knew that she wanted animals on the front of her shirts. After awhile we decided on this adorable little panda bear holding a heart! 

I Heart Handmade, Bean Age 6, Panda Shirt Made On Cricut Explore, Sew Creative

I asked Bean why she loves wearing handmade so much…

Her response: When I wear something that you made for me it’s like you are there with me, even when your not. I can look at it and think about you. It makes me know that you love me.  

Have a kiddo that loves handmade?

Send me a picture of them wearing or playing with something handmade, along with who made the project, a link to the project (if available) and why your kiddo loves handmade to! I’d love to feature your kiddos and projects here on the site in an I Heart Handmade post!

Tell me… Did you have handmade clothes or toys when you were a kid? How did it make you feel?


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  1. March 15, 2015 @ 8:33 am Teresa Stanulis

    I love this blog post; your little girl’s comment about why she loves to wear the things you make is priceless! My youngest son, who is now a freshman in college, has always loved the things I make for him. I sent him to college with a couple of hand-knit scarves in his school colors. He loaned one to his roommate on a really cold day and his roommate loved it so much that I made one for him too. It’s so nice to have our children (and their friends) appreciate our work!


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