Mommy Monday- The Joy of Parenting and Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger Awards

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Sew Creative KidsSometimes I look at my children and it takes my breath away. I can’t believe that I made them, that they came from me, that I have helped mold them into the little humans that they are today. I don’t know if it’s motherhood, or if I simply have faulty tear ducts, but I have a difficult time talking about my children without getting tears in my eyes. The quiet moments, when all of the hustle and bustle dies down, and it’s just us, being together, cheek to cheek, nose to nose, delighting in each others company… those are the moments that I live for. I wish I could capture miniature versions of them at each stage of their lives. Time goes too quickly.

Sew Creative Kids 2

If you ask me what my greatest accomplishement is, what has turned me into the woman that I am today, what has given me the confidence to take life by the horns and follow my dreams, I will tell you… My children.

Don’t get me wrong, life is not all sunshine and roses. There are moments with tears, and tantrums and whining where I want to rip my hair out and throw in the towel. And then my son looks at me with so much love in his little face and calls me Mama or my daughter reaches for my hand and holds it as we walk to the park… and the bad moments are forgotten.

One of the great joys that having children has given me is new friends. One of these friends is Heather from Mother Your Business who has two enchanting little boys that my children are blessed to be growing up with. If I used one word to describe Heather is would be “Beautiful”. Not only is Heather beautiful to look at, she also has a beautiful soul. She (like me) is easily moved to tears (I don’t think the two of us can get together without crying). A hug from Heather is pretty much the best thing in the whole world and lifts your spirit. She also cares fiercly for her friends and will go above and beyond for them. Her face shines with inner radiance. She is truly a beautiful soul.

Last year, Heather and her blog were nominated for the Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger Awards. Heather was gracious enough to introduce me to the other 2013 nominees and take me with her to networking events. There I met a tribe of creative, fascinating, talented, multi-faceted women who are mothers and writers. I have learned so much from these women over the past year and they truly welcomed me into their group.

This year, I was honored to receive an email saying that I had made the Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger Award for 2014. Many of the women on the list are my “blogging buddies” and I am humbled to have my name and blog included on a list with so many talented women/mothers.

I have no aspirations to win the coveted “Top Vancouver Mom Blogger Award”, I am overjoyed that I made the list to begin with. If you enjoy Sew Creative and would like to vote for me I would be thrilled. You can vote for the Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger Awards here. There is no registration necessary. Just scroll to the bottom of the page, select Crystal Allen/Sew Creative and click Vote.

Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger Awards 2014 NomineesWhile you are there discover some fabulous blogs including:

Stay tuned! I’m attending a Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger event on June 12th and I’m sure I’ll be sharing tons of fabulous photos on Instagram

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  1. Beautiful post. Happy and proud to be one of your blogging buddies.