Images From Dale Chihuly’s Glass House

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Images from Dale Chihuly Glass House Garden and Glass

A few weeks ago I was in Seattle for a wedding and I did something that I have been wanting to do for years… I went to visit Dale Chihuly’s Glass House.

View of the Space Needle Through Dale Chilhuly's Glass House

For those unfamiliar with Dale Chihuly he is probably the most well known glass blower in the world. He was in a car accident 1976 which left him blind in his left eye, he continued blowing glass then in 1979 he was in a body surfing accident and injured his shoulder. He decided to take a step back and instruct other glass blowers on how to blow glass and create his visions. He explained the change in a 2006 interview, saying “Once I stepped back, I liked the view” and pointing out that it allowed him to see the work from more perspectives and enabled him to anticipate problems faster. Chihuly describes his role as “more choreographer than dancer, more supervisor than participant, more director than actor.”

Glass Ceiling at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Dale Chihuly’s work is mind blowing and I’ve been wanting to visit the Dale Chihuly’s Glass House Garden and Glass Exhibit for years. I’m so glad that I finally had the opportunity during my most recent trip to Seattle without kids.

Glass Garden in Chihuly Garden and Glass

I took over 200 photos of my trip. I’m not sure how interested you all are in viewing my pictures. I went back and forth between showing my favorite photos all in one post and doing multiple posts with my favorite photos of each room. I decided to start with the prior. If you would like me to do future posts with additional photos of each room in Dale Chihuly’s Glass House Garden and Glass Exhibit please let me know. 

Glass Garden other view Chihuly Garden and Glass

I hope you enjoy my favorite photos from Chihuly’s Garden and Glass Exhibit.

Chihuly Boat Room 2 Chihuly Boat Room 3

Chihuly Chandeliers Inspiration

Chihuly Sea Life Glass 1 Chihuly Sea Life Glass 2 Chihuly Sea Life Glass 3 Chihuly Bowls 1 Chihuly Bowls 2 Chihuly Garden and Glass Outside 2 Chihuly Garden and Glass Outside Photo 46

Sisser, Muma and I outside in the garden at Chihuly Garden and Glass
Sisser, Muma and I outside in the garden at Chihuly Garden and Glass

I hope you enjoyed my images from Dale Chihuly’s Glass House.

Tell me… Are you a fan of Dale Chihuly’s work? Have you seen any of his glass displayed anywhere else in the world? Would you like to take a trip to Seattle to visit the Garden and Glass Exhibit?

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  1. Wow! I had no idea this museum was in Seattle. The hubby likes to go down there for baseball games, which I get dragged along to, and now I’ll have something to drag him to! Thanks for sharing that it’s there!!

  2. Cathy King says:

    I saw the Chihuly exhibit at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco in 2009. Each room I walked into was gorgeous and breathtaking and I would think there couldn’t be anything more beautiful……then the next room would top it. We spent all day there just looking and being amazed. I’m like you, I have several hundred pictures. I would love to go to his house in Seattle!!

  3. Wow! I’m so jealous C! Someday, I’m going to go back to Seattle, and that’ll be my first stop. Can you share more photos please?!?

  4. Isn’t his work amazing?! We had his show on campus at UF when I was there and had a reception in the space. I didn’t talk to a single person and just wandered the exhibit the entire night. Unexpectedly beautiful. Congrats on your visit.

  5. There is a permanent exhibit of Dale Chihuly’s work at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. His work is just breathtakingly beautiful. I’m so thankful that photos are permitted so that you could capture these gorgeous images and I was able to document my visit to the exhibit in Florida.

  6. I saw his work during the 2002 Olympics. He brought his whole show to town and also left a red 30 foot sculpture in one of our concert halls. I think his work is just awesome. I think my favorite of the ones you’ve shown is the blue octopus looking one. It’s funny – we went to Atlantis in the Bahamas for our 30th Wedding Anniversary cruise and I walked into the aquarium area and there was a huge silver Chihuly right in the entryway – I knew instantly what it was. Very surreal to see something like that so far from home! Visiting from the Saturday Sharefest.