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Wooden Acorn Sorting Toys from Bright Life Toys

Yay! It’s the second installment of my “She Is Sew Creative” series. I just love introducing you all to my fabulous, creative friends. If you missed my first interview with Eleanor from Moo and the Bear it can be found here.

Today I am very excited to introduce you to Gail from Bright Life Toys. What can I tell you about Gail? I love her! I first met Gail in 2009 when I opened my shop Lilikoi Lane on Hyena Cart. Gail was also selling on Hyena Cart at the time. She was active on the forums that they had for the sellers and we became fast friends. I later became the leader of a collective of artists on Hyena Cart and one of my first acts was asking Gail to join our group.

Gail is insanely talented, super creative, a fabulous business woman, a loyal friend… and she makes the cutest handmade toys for kids that I’ve ever seen.

We had a “handmade Christmas” this past year in our home and I instantly knew that Turtle’s first Christmas present had to be an OBV (organic bamboo velour) bunny lovey from Bright Life Toys. We named the bunny Mr. Hop Hop and Turtle ADORES him. We tell him to give Mr. Hop Hop a kiss… it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. Here he is sleeping with Mr. Hop Hop.

OBV Bunny Lovey from Bright Life Toys

I love Gail and her work so I’m very excited to share Bright Life Toys with all of you readers. I asked Gail (pictured below) a few questions so that you all could get to know her better.

Gail Baker from Bright Life Toys

Tell us about you and your shop-

Howdy folks. I’m Gail, a rainbow loving gardening addict. I raise a flock of kids by day (and usually night) and have been married to a pretty swell guy for nearly a decade. (Yipes!)

My store is Bright Life Toys, and I specialize in creative play for creative kids.

Rainbow Hand Kites From Bright Life ToysWhere did you get the idea for your shop name?

Actually, my husband came up with it. He has a very creative brain, so I’m constantly bouncing stuff off of him. (Though not literally. I don’t think he’d appreciate that.)

Bright Life Toys Nature Inspirations

Where do you find creative inspiration?

As cheesy as this sounds, most of my inspiration comes from nature. I think I love gardening because of all the color (and the endless supply of fresh tomatoes). One of my favorite things to do is dye fabric, and there is no better resource for colorways than getting out into the wide world.

Wooden Mushrooms From Bright Life Toys

Where do you do your work?

Here, there and everywhere. Most of the magic happens in my home studio. I’ve been known to take stuff to hand sew when I’m out of town, though.

Brown Bear Bean Bags

Do you craft items other than what you sell? If so what is your favorite craft project?

I’m currently working on finishing a couple of quilts. One my great grandmother started, and it needs to be finished. The blocks were all hand stitched together. It’s pretty awesome holding those, because my great grandmother taught my mom to sew, who in turned taught me to sew.

The other quilt is one my mom started a long time ago using fabric from our clothes we had as kids, and our old kitchen curtains. It’s really neat to go through the bin of scraps and quilt blocks and have a childhood memory hit.

OBV Stuffed Bunny from Bright Life Toys

If you could learn one new craft skill what would it be?

I think knitting. I’ve tried to knit, but I just can’t get my hands to cooperate. I end up with knots.

Rainbow bowling set From Bright Life Toys

Other than your own Etsy shop, tell us about one Etsy shop that is your favorite?

Katwise is one of my absolute favorite stores on Etsy. I own one of her rainbow (of course) coats. I absolutely love her spark and her creativity and obvious love of color.

Katwise Rainbow Coat

Where can we find you? (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Pinterest –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Elephant OBV Rattle From Bright Life Toys

Gail would like to offer Sew Creative readers 20% off of their Bright Life Toys purchase from now until May 13, 2013! Just use code SEWCREATIVE while checking out at Bright Life Toys

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  1. Gail’s toys and customer service:: the Best!

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Keia. That is very sweet of you. 🙂 I’m honored that you thought of my blog.