Valentine’s Day Crafts With Kids

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Valentine's Day Crafts with Kids at Sew Creative Blog

I’m so excited about today’s post- Valentine’s Day Crafts with Kids. Growing up my mom decorated our house to the nines for just about every holiday. Though I’m not quite the decorating goddess that my mom is, I do love to make handmade items to decorate our home with. After our Christmas decorations came down I felt like our house was missing some of the character that we had enjoyed through December and part of January. I was eager to get some Valentine’s Day decor up.

Paint Chip Heart Garlands at Sew Creative 2

The first project that Bean and I worked on were our Paint Chip Heart Garlands. You can find more information on how to make them in my Weekly Inspiration Valentine’s Day Decor post. We did a few things differently for our heart garlands than the original tutorial.

1. When I went to Michael’s the heart punches were $20 and there were no coupons that week, so I decided to skip the punch. I made my own heart template, hand trace the heart onto the paint chips and hand cut them. Did it take me longer than if I had used a punch? Yes. Considerably? No. It took me about 20 minutes to trace and cut about 50 hearts. It took me 30 minutes to make two beautiful heart garlands. I think that it was the perfect amount of time for the project.

Paint Chip Heart Garlands at Sew Creative

2. I started to thread the hearts through the middle like the tutorial has you do, but when I tried hanging it up it wasn’t hanging nicely. The tutorial had the garland laid flat against a wall, I wanted my garland to hang more like a bunting. So instead I threaded mine through the tops of the heart as pictured above.

3. I have a “thing” for color. So when I traced my hearts I made sure that the name of the paint color was included in the heart. The paint line had such cute names like Mac and Cheese, Raspberry Tart and First Kiss that I thought it added to the playfulness.

Paint Chip Heart Garlands at Sew Creative 3

The Paint Chip Heart Garlands have been a huge hit. Bean had a lot of fun helping me choose what color should come next on the garland, and Turtle loves gazing at the bright colors.

The next project we worked on were the Modge Podge Window Clings which can also be found in our Weekly Inspiration- Valentine’s Day Decor post.

Modge Podge Window Clings

I’m super bummed because I can’t get a good picture of them in our window. I hung them in our dining room which is on our second story. I didn’t think about the fact that you would need to take the photo from the outside for the photo to now be backlit. So here I’m going to share the photo from Modge Podge Rocks again.

Valentine Craft Heart Glass Clings from
Valentine Craft Heart Glass Clings from

This project is great for all year long. It’s so much fun to make your own window clings. You could make any color that you desire as long as you can find acrylic paint in that shade. I’m planning on making this project again in the spring for an Easter themed window. I can already see the adorable Easter eggs.

The only downside of this project is that it takes quite a bit of Modge Podge. I simply adore Modge Podge and find that for most projects a little goes a long way. For any project that I wanted to preserve I would always use the real stuff… but since this project isn’t preserving anything I’m considering experimenting with a homemade modge podge recipe for my next batch.

Bean had a great time with this project too. She loved helping me pick the colors for each batch of clings and she adored sticking the clings into the window for me. If I had made a bigger batch I would have let her help me cut them out. Next time.

Valentine's Day Hand Heart Card From Sew Creative

Our next Valentine’s Day craft project was Hand-print Valentine’s Day Cards. We did two different versions. One with hands traced, one with hands dipped into paints.

For the first card, Bean laid her hands on the paper as shown above, so that her thumbs and pointer fingers created the shape of a heart.

Valentine's Day Hand Heart Card From Sew Creative 2I traced around her hands for her then cut the shape out.

Valentine's Day Hand Heart Card From Sew Creative Hand Cut Out

We decorated it, then you just fold it in half. When Daddy open’s it on Valentine’s Day- Voila! There is Bean’s heart in her hands. 🙂

Valentine's Day Hand Heart Card From Sew Creative Decorated

We decided to try the same project with paint!

Valentine's Day Hand Heart Card From Sew Creative with paint 2


We squirted some tempera paint on a plate. Bean dipped her hands in it. Carefully set her hands down on the paper in the heart placement. And left behind a beautiful heart hand-print. Mommy decided to get in on the fun too and make a handmade Valentine’s Day card for Daddy. 😉

Valentine's Day Hand Heart Card From Sew Creative with PaintMy next Valentine’s Day craft project with kids actually isn’t my own. Bean made it at her Auntie Karen’s house.

Masking Tape and Stretched Canvas ProjectTake a piece of stretched canvas and have your child apply painter’s tape or masking tape on the canvas to create shapes and/or words. Next have them paint the canvas, covering the masking tape with paint. Leave the canvas to dry. Once it has dried peel of the masking tape and your secret image is revealed. Bella always comes home with the coolest art projects from her Auntie Karen’s house.

Masking Tape and Stretched Canvas Project

I still haven’t finished my Raining Hearts Embroidery Hoop project. I was planning on finishing it over this past weekend but when the flu knocked me out I could barely hold my head up, much less do any hand sewing. This weekend… I hope. It will be hung before Valentine’s Day. I think this would be a great beginner sewing project for an older child. It’s as simple as getting an embroidery hoop, having them trace the circle and then draw their “vision” inside of it, then choosing a fabric for the background, different colors of felt for their picture, cutting it out and sewing it all on! I would have had a blast making one of these at the age of 10.

Sew Creative Blog Raining Hearts Hoop Art

I hope you enjoyed these Valentine’s Day craft ideas that you can make with kids. What are some of your favorite holiday themed crafts to do with your little ones. I just love hand-print art. If you have a hand-print project I’d love for you to share!

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