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Sew a beautiful DIY Koala Felt Stocking in 30 minutes with this quick and easy sewing tutorial. Includes step by step photos and instructions along with free pattern to cut with scissors or SVG file to cut with your Cricut or Silhouette. Makes a beautiful quick and easy handmade Christmas gift idea for an animal lover! #Koalas #Felt #Stocking #sewing #christmas #DIYStocking #Crafts #ChristmasCrafts #HandmadeGifts
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DIY Koala Felt Stocking

Author: Crystal



If Using An Electronic Cutting Machine To Cut Your Felt

  • Upload your cut file to your cutting machine's design software. Size the stocking to how big you would like it to be. Our stocking measured 11.5X18. Cut each of the pieces out of felt. We used our Cricut Maker and a rotary blade.
    You will also want to cut a piece of felt or Christmas fabric to use for the scarf. Our scarf measured 3/4 inches wide by 30 inches long.

If Cutting Your Felt By Hand

  • Print out our template on your printer. Tape the paper stocking pieces together. Cut two stockings and the stocking loop out of grey felt, the eyes and nose out of black felt, the ears out of pink felt the holly out of green felt and the holly berries out of red felt. You will also want to cut a scarf out of a long strip of felt or Christmas fabric. I suggest cutting it long and then trimming it how you would like it. Our finished scarf was 3/4 inches wide by 30 inches long.


  • Fold the top of your stocking down so that the top edge lines up with the top of the koala's ears. Seal closed with hem tape. Repeat on the opposite side making sure that your second stocking piece is mirrored to your first piece.
    Use hem tape to seal the top hem of your koala stocking.
  • Lay one of your stocking pieces on your work surface. Fold your stocking loop in half and place it in the top corner, with the part with the open ends laying on top of your stocking. Lay your second stocking piece on top making sure to line up all the edges. Pin in place.
    Pin the two sides of your koala stocking together.
  • Using either your sewing machine or a needle and thread sew all the way around your stocking, leaving the top opening of your stocking unsewn. We used the blanket stitch for our stocking.
    Sew your koala stocking using a blanket stitch.
  • Use fabric glue to glue together the top and the bottom layers of your koala's ears.
    Use fabric glue to glue the ears of your stocking.
  • Use fabric glue to glue the center of the ears, the eyes and the nose to your stocking.
    Use fabric glue to glue the face onto your stocking.
  • Tie the felt that you cut for the scarf around the koala's "neck". Use glue to glue on the holly leaves and holly berries.
    Add a cute decorative scarf and holly to your koala stocking.
  • Use your scissors to cut a fringe on either end of the koala's scarf.
    Cut fringe into your felt scarf.
  • Lay your stocking aside until the glue has dried. May we suggest a snack of Koala Crisp Cereal while you wait?
    Let your koala scarf dry while you eat Koala Crisp Cereal.