At Hello Creative Family we believe that creative parents raise creative kids. We’re an online magazine for parents looking to ignite their creative passion with simple, everyday and back-to-basics inspired projects. Through craft, diy, and food projects, as well as parenting reads, we will give parents the tools to live, love and teach the handmade, homemade, heart-made lifestyle – no matter their skill level. Through a zero intimidation approach, we give the gift of a simple and beautiful creative life, sharing and celebrating the art of making with every family.

Crystal Allen

Crystal Allen of HelloCreativeFamily.com

An avid crafter, former Etsy shop owner and daring DIY-er (there’s no project I won’t tackle!), I grew up in a family of creators; my passion for making was sparked early.

A naturally born teacher and leader, I started Sew Creative Blog in 2013 to inspire other parents to make creativity a part of their everyday life, and to fulfill that vision in my own. In 2015, Sew Creative Blog was transformed into Hello Creative Family, the digital magazine you read today and that best reflects the mantra I live by: “Life every day creatively.”

Hello Creative Family is, to me, about living up to your amazing potential, overcoming the initial fear and nagging voice that says “you can’t do this.” I ignored this voice in 2014 and chose to live into my potential: I quit my job in order to devote my time to creating a career in digital media.

As publisher and creative director of Hello Family Media, and a consultant, I bring my skills and experiences as a publicist (for more than a decade I helped world-class authors market their latest books) and social media expert (my clients are some of Canada’s most influential leaders) to creating conversations in the digital space. I am thrilled you are here, and hope you too will engage in these conversations. I am the publisher and creative director of Hello Family Media.

When I am not crafting, cooking or writing, I am spending time with my two children and husband in the beautiful corner of the world we call home.

Email me at crystal@hellofamilymedia.com

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