Articles by Taslim

Taslim Jaffer thinks when we're being authentic, creative and kind we're livin' the sweet life - and she's doing her best to raise her 3 kids this way, while learning volumes about her own patience. When she's not writing or being Mommy, she's teaching writing as a healing tool and shaking her booty at Zumba class. Favourite guilty pleasure: Regular Lay's potato chips sprinkled with Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Creative Voices: Giving Isn’t a Season – Teach Kids Charitable Giving

‘Tis the season to give, give, give! Except, giving shouldn’t be seasonal and there are some really great ways to teach kids the kindness of giving throughout the year. How to Teach Kids Charitable Giving  Encourage Mindfulness Build awareness around giving by pointing out examples when you see them occur in daily circumstances. You can be casual…

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