BC Blueberries Event at Fairmont Pacific Rim

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BC Blueberry Event at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

Sometimes I can’t believe what an incredible life I live. This past weekend was filled with a bunch of really fabulous events. The first (which I’ll concentrate on in today’s post) was at the BC Blueberries Event at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel.

I am writing a piece for Yoyomama on shopping for local ingredients and cooking with your kids. I’ll make sure to post a link here when the article is published. Yoyomama received an invite to the event and they were kind enough to offer me their invite so that I could go and learn more about BC Blueberries.

I’ll include all of the fabulous information that I learned in my post for Yoyomama but today I thought that I would share with you photos that I took at the event.

BC Blueberry Event  4

“Foodtritionist” Patricia Chuey was on hand to answer all of our questions about BC Blueberries. I’ll make sure to include her fabulous info in my Yoyomama post.

Chef Darren Brown created some delicious and inventive dishes starring nature’s candy, BC Blueberries.

Fabulous dishes included:

BC Blueberry Event 5

  • Fresh Shucked Sawmill Bay Oysters with BC Blueberry yuzu pearls & cucumber mignonette

BC Blueberry Event  6

  • Spicy BC Blueberry Quinoa and Kale Salad

BC Blueberry Event  10

  • Duck Prosciutto Crostini with BC Blueberry mostarda, pickled jicama, micro chervil and focaccia crisps

BC Blueberry Event  8

  • Preserved Lemon and Blueberry Panna Cotta and Chilled Blueberry and Watermelon Soup

BC Blueberry Event  14

  • BC Blueberry Chocolate S’mores

BC Blueberry Event 1We were also served this delicious Yeoman & The Blueberry cocktail throughout the entire event.

BC Blueberry Event 17

Needless to say the food and drink was to die for. We also went home with BC Blueberry gift bags which included containers of fresh BC Blueberries along with Blueberry Mostarda from Giovane’s Marketplace at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. Unfortunately the Mostarda fell off of the shelf in our pantry two days after the event, hit Bean on the head and shattered on the floor. I tasted a tiny bit of the sauce though and it was heavenly.

I was really nervous before I went to the event but the event was fabulous and I met so many great bloggers and writers (hello new friends!)

If you ever have the opportunity to try BC Blueberries, please do. They are the most delicious blueberries on earth. And if you are lucky enough to live in BC make sure to buy blueberries in copious amounts during the summer months.

Tell me… what are your favorite summer fruits? Also, have you ever been to a blogger event? What was it like? Did you enjoy yourself, meet new people and learn new things?


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