Handmade Gift Ideas Made Easy! Announcing our new Handmade Gifters Club! Sign up! It’s Free!

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Handmade Gift Ideas Made Easy! Announcing our new Handmade Gifters Club!

Handmade Gift Ideas Made Easy! Announcing the Hello Creative Family Handmade Gifters Club! Sign up to receive handmade gift ideas monthly using a mix of seasonal supplies and projects that take a bit longer. Get your gift closet stocked!

Handmade gift giving is an art. It takes organization, advance preparation and knowledge. If I’m being honest, the organization and advance preparation is not something that I excel at. I’m notorious for being a procrastinator and you know that saying “A clean desk is a sign of an organized mind? Well…

Creativity is Messy and I am Very CreativeCreativity is Messy and I am Very Creative

My poor mom when I was growing up, and my poor husband now. I’m not exactly the neatest person, but there definitely is a method to my messy madness. That however is no excuse for my lack of organization. I really need to get more organized in a lot of areas of my live, and gift giving is one of those areas. 

When was the last time you searched Pinterest for a handmade gift idea and kicked yourself because you found something amazing… but you needed more time to make it than the amount of time you had until your gift needed to be delivered? Or, you found something that was absolutely perfect for the gift recipient… but the supplies were seasonal and aren’t available! Doh! It happens to me all the time, and so I pin the post, vow to come back to it when I have more time, and then forget about it all over again. 

My mom does her Christmas shopping all year long. She finds something she thinks is a good fit for someone in her life and she buys it, puts it in her gift closet and by September all of her Christmas shopping is 100% done. It’s a genius idea really. 

5 Reasons We Should All Be Pre-Planning Gifts

1. It helps you avoid those crazy Christmas lineups.

2. It helps you budget your gift expenses throughout the year, instead of just around holidays.

3. It helps you avoid that “Oh my goodness I have to get them something, and I can’t find the right thing, so I guess I’ll just get them THIS” regrets. 

4. It gives you the months of November and December to relax and focus on your gift wrapping and spending time with family and friends.

5. If you are making handmade gifts, pre-planning gives you a bigger lead time to get it all done. 

So let’s get organized!

Can you relate to all of this? I know that many of you can, because our posts 50 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can DIY In 60 Minutes or Less and 37+ Handmade Gift Ideas for Dads, many of which take an hour or less to make are two of our most popular posts. 

What if we pre-planned our handmade gift ideas? What if we thought seasonally when it came to handmade gifts, made them throughout the year and kept track of what we made for who in our planners? What if we had a closet in our house that was dedicated to handmade gifts, so we were never scrambling to the store at the last minute?

That’s exactly what we are going to do here at Hello Creative Family! Each month we’ll be releasing one (or more) handmade gift ideas in our Think Ahead Handmade Gift Ideas Series. Each month you can plan ahead so that no matter what the celebration– birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… You’ll always have the perfect gift at your fingertips. 

Want to join us on this fun crafting adventure?

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5 Reasons To Give Handmade Gifts

Need More Reasons To Give Handmade Gifts?

1. It’s often more budget friendly than buying gifts at the store.

2. It shows the person that you really thought about them when you made it. 

3. Whenever the gift recipient uses the gift you gave them, they’ll think about you.

4. It’s a fun way to express yourself creatively.

5. It teaches your kids that the best things in life don’t come from the store and encourages them to get creative too! 


Ready to join us on our handmade gift revolution?

Our first handmade gift idea in the series comes out this Thursday! We can’t wait to hear what you think! In the meantime, check out our Handmade Gift Ideas section for a ton of great handmade gift ideas!

Make sure to tag the handmade gifts your working on with #HCFHandmadeGiftClub! We want to see what your working on! 

Tell us… Who is on your handmade gift list? What kind of handmade gifts would you like to learn how to make?

Make sure to check out all our Think Ahead Handmade Gift Ideas!

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  1. I absolutely love handmade gifts! My list of things to do gets longer every year, and every year I run out of time…lol Of course narrowing down the list would make it easier but I find so many great ideas. I need all the organizational ideas I can get.