Ruffle Skirt American Girl Doll Dress Sewing Project (Perfect for Beginners)

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Ruffle Skirt American Girl Doll Dress Sewing Project Perfect For Beginners. I love this pattern because it can be adjusted for any size doll.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy getting my new business up and off the ground running. I’m absolutely loving what I’m doing everyday (I think I may just be the best boss that I’ve ever had…) but last week at one point I hit a mental wall. I sat myself down, thought about what was going on in my head and realized… I hadn’t physically created something with my hands for awhile. I decided to take the afternoon off and sew. 

“Are you using your sewing machine?” The Hubs asked (sounding a bit shocked) as I started my first line of stitches… I guess that proves that it’s been awhile since I’ve sewed. 

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Canadian Media Launch of The American Girl Doll Store at Chapters on Robson and Bean got to bring home a doll of her very own. After the excitement wore off she hadn’t played with it much. It sits on her bed and she cuddles with it at night, but it hadn’t been getting too much daytime play. I thought that a new dress for her doll might remedy that. An American Girl Doll Dress Sewing Project was exactly the project I needed!

American Girl Doll Dress Sewing Project perfect for a beginner sewer. Can be adjusted for all sizes of dolls 3

I took to Pinterest and found just the pattern I was looking for– The Easy Doll Dress Tutorial at DIY Louisville. With a cute ruffled bottom that could be made using fabric scraps and easy instructions that you could adjust for any size doll it was the perfect project. Plus it didn’t require any special skills, so it was just the type of thing I needed, a project that was simple, gave beautiful results and let me spend some time thinking things out in my head while I sewed. 

American Girl Doll Dress Sewing Project perfect for a beginner sewer. Can be adjusted for all sizes of dolls

Here is the result. What do you think? Bean loved it so much that she asked me to make a “girl sized” one for her to wear on her birthday. Photos of that coming soon. 

If you want to create a beautiful doll dress I highly recommend checking out The Easy Doll Dress Tutorial at DIY Louisville. I switched up the straps a bit and loved how easy the pattern was to alter. 

Tell me… Do you sometimes get in the mood where you just need to create?

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  1. Love the dress. Totally know what you mean about the bite by the creative bug. If I go a week without creating or writing something, I start to get grouchy:)

  2. Margaret Edge says:

    I love all your instructions and patterns thanks

    1. Thank you so much Margaret! You just made my evening. 🙂

      Best Wishes,