Sew Creative’s Premo Sculpey Silk Screened Clay Pendant Tutorial

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Silk Screened Premo Sculpey Clay Pendant Tutorial. So easy children can make them too

I love experimenting with new crafts. There is nothing like rolling up your sleeves, putting on your thinking cap and experimenting with new mediums. That’s just what I got to do this past weekend when a package arrived for me from Premo Clay that included a 24 pack sampler of Premo Sculpey and a screen printing kit! My mind immediately started racing with fun projects that I could try making. I’ve been wanting to start experimenting creating my own jewelry and I decided that these would be the perfect materials to use to kick off my new hobby.

Premo Sculpey Sample Pack and Screenprinting kitI momentarily worried if I had the necessary skills to complete the task, but the moment that I got the clay in my hand my worries were erased. Premo Sculpey Clay and the silk screening kit are so easy that a 5 year old can use them! No, seriously. 5 year old Bean got in on the action and made a gorgeous pendant, a follower on Instagram even asked if I would consider selling it!  

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a Silk Screen Pendant of your own!

How to make silk screened  Premo Sculpey Clay pendants 7Premo Sculpey Silk Screened Clay Pendant Tutorial

Materials Needed:

  • Premo Sculpey Clay in your favorite color
  • Sculpey Clay Silk Screen Kit
  • Tool for poking a hole in your pendant (I used a bamboo skewer)
  • Baking Sheet
  • Parchment paper or tin foil
  • Jump ring 
  • Jewelry pliers

Step 1- Cut off a piece of your favorite color clay. We used a piece that was approximately 1/2″ X 1″.

How to make silk screened Premo Sculpey Clay pendants 1Step 2- Roll the clay in your hand to warm it. Shape it into a ball, set it on your parchment paper and using the palm of your hand press it flat into a disk shape. Smooth the clay until you are happy with your shape.

How to make silk screened  Premo Sculpey Clay pendants 2Step 3- Pick out a silk screen design, lay the silk screen on top of  your clay disk, shiny side down. Make sure it is centered, then run your fingers over the screen making sure it is tight against the clay with no air bubbles. 

How to make silk screened  Premo Sculpey Clay pendants 3

Step 4- Squeeze a small amount of the paint (included in the kit) on the screen just above the design you have selected. Using the enclosed “squeegee” smooth the paint over the design in the silk screen. Add more paint if necessary. Peel silk screen off when you are done. 

How to make silk screened Premo Sculpey Clay pendants 5Step 5- Allow the paint on your pendants to dry for a few minutes (this is a great time to rinse the paint off of the squeegee and silk screen using soap and warm water.) Once paint is dry to the touch you can trim the excess clay off from around your design (if you would like) and poke a hole in your pendant (we used bamboo skewers to do this.)

How to make silk screened  Premo Sculpey Clay pendants 6Step 6- Lay your pendants on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake per Premo Sculpey instructions for the thickness of your pieces. 

How to make silk screened  Premo Sculpey Clay pendants 8Step 7- Once your pendants have cooled, put jump rings through the pendant holes and string them on a necklace. Enjoy your beautiful handmade jewelry!

Bean and I had so much fun making these pendants. I love teaching her crafts that aren’t your typical “kids crafts” but that are easy enough for her to do with my assistance. She has so much pride in her craft projects. Just look at the smile on her face as she wears her new necklace! How many 5 year olds can say that they silk screened a pendant?

Silk Screened Preemo Sculpey Pendant Necklace Tutorial. Beautiful yet so easy a 5 year old can make it

 The Premo Sculpey tools and materials were easy to use with clear instructions. We were amazed with the beautiful pendants that we created. Next up we would love to try making silk screened clay tiles! Sometimes crafting with kids can get messy, but I loved how easy this one was to clean up. We did the craft on top of some parchment paper which we discarded when we were done and the silk screen and squeegee washed up quickly with a bit of soap and water. Easy cleanup is something that this mama loves!

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  1. So gorgeous! I love that B was able to help you! I’m checking these out… I could have a lot of fun with them!