Cricut Access


Is it worth it?

Wondering if Cricut's Subscription service is worth the price? What does Cricut Access do for you? What are the perks? Here are our thoughts!

hello creative family

Some perks of the program include unlimited access to: - 400+ fonts - 300,000+ premium, cut-ready    images - hundreds of ready-to-make projects - 10% discount on all    products

hello creative family

Hello Creative Family

Ready-to-make projects

Over 1,000 projects are listed with the skill level the project is marked as, how long it takes to make, the materials you need, and instructions for how to make it.

You're sure to find just the right font in Cricut’s collection for any project you are working on. Cricut has over 700 fonts to use with Cricut Access, so you’ll find a font to fit every style!

hello creative family

300,000+ Images

One of the very best parts of Cricut Access though has to be the image library. Cricut has over 300,000 images in Design Space and there are more added every week!

Still not sure if Cricut Access is right for you? I've shared more of my thoughts and details in the linked post! I feel pretty confident you will love it just as much as I do!

hello creative family