Beach Boy, Summer, Celebrations and New Beginnings

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What a whirlwind week this past week has been!

This week my maternity leave ended and I went back to work. My day job is as a Children’s Book Publicist which I love, but I’ve gotten so used to being at home with my kids, blogging, writing and being crafty. It wasn’t easy going back, that’s for sure. The nice thing is that I’m working 3 days a week through the summer until Bean starts kindergarten so at least the kids and I have a transition into being away from each other during the day.

Here is a picture of Bean and Turtle on Turtle’s first day of daycare.

Turtle and BeanGoing back to work makes me appreciate my time at home with the kids (and appreciate summer) even more. Right now the kids and I are listening to the Beach Boys and Turtle and Bean are dancing and bopping their heads as they play with their toys.

Today also happens to be my 34th birthday. Usually my birthday passes without much of a fuss, but this year I feel like celebrating. I’ve heard women saying that it wasn’t until their 30’s that they really stepped into their skin and knew who they were. I feel like that has really happened for me this year. This past year has been a tranformative year for me, from the birth of my son, to starting this blog, to putting my health and fitness first, to writing for Today’s Parent and Treehouse.

This birthday I feel more confident and content in the skin that I am in then I’ve felt for a long time. I’m also excited because I can’t wait to see where I am this time next year.

Cest Moi

This week my first article went up on Treehouse TV which is absolutely thrilling. When I was in high school my Dad told me that he thought I should be a writer when I grew up. I went in a completely different career direction to begin with and now my proud dad smiles at me and says “I told you so.” whenever I talk about my blog and freelance writing jobs.

Another wonderful surprise this week was that Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts featured my DIY Giant Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial in her Picks of The Week post and Bev from Flamingo Toes featured them as one of her Crushes of The Week.

DIY Giant Handmade Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial 2 for $1.00 Make Beautiful Birthday Party Decorations Final

My last “big thing” of the week was that my friend Kim who owns Lahari Yoga told me that she would like to sell my Kid’s Infinity Scarves in her at her yoga studio. Lahari Yoga has Yoga Camps for Kids so I think the infinity scarves will be a nice fit.

Paris My Sweet Scarf Life is good.

Tell me… are you a stay at home mom or do you work outside of the house? If money was no object what would you be doing with your life? I would be a lady of leisure and travel half the time and the rest of the time read, write, craft, cook, bake garden, work out and volunteer. One day. 

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  1. Sandy Graziano says:

    I am so proud of you!the best is yet to come!

    1. Thank you so much Sandy. Big hugs!