Daddy Daughter Date Night To See Thor The Dark World

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Daddy Daughter Date Night to see Thor

Guest Post Written By The Hubs: Hi! It’s me Rob, or as Crystal calls me, The Hubs. This week Crystal was invited to see Thor The Dark World in 3D UltraAVX. Lucky for me she already had blogger plans for that evening so Bean and I got to go for a Daddy Daughter date night. Thanks to Julie Nowell from 3 Chickens for the hookup and to Stephanie from Disney for the tickets. I mentioned to a co-worker I was taking Bean to the theatre and she told me that she had fond memories of going to the movies with her dad when she was young so I was excited to go on this adventure with my little girl.

Bean is a HUGE fan of Thor. She got her first glimpse of him while watching The Avengers. She was immediately smitten: “Thor is my boyfriend.” she said bashfully much to the surprise of Crystal and I. Thor was her first crush and from then on she was a Thor fan through and through. She reminds me of the little girl Sara in Adventures in Babysitting who is also infatuated with Thor. For Christmas last year, I got a Thor helmet and hammer for her. I have to be honest, I play with them too; I wore the mask to work on Halloween and for my most a recent Movember pic.

Daddy Daughter Date Night to see Thor 2

The night of the screening, we packed up her helmet, hammer Mjolnir (she is worthy) and headed to ScotiaBank Theatre. Upon arriving, Bean geared up and we headed in to get our tickets, our 3D glasses and popcorn with limited edition Thor cup with figurine. On our way to our theatre, Bean spotted the huge standees of Thor and Loki. She excitedly ran up to them and we had a little photo shoot.

Daddy Daughter Date Night to see Thor 3

Settling into our seats in the very busy showing, we snapped a few more pics and waited patiently for Thor The Dark World to start. As the lights dimmed, we put on our glasses and sat back to enjoy the ride. The movie was longer that the typical movie Bean watches, at 1h58m, but she was riveted the entire time. The movie is rated PG-13 and Crystal and I talked about whether it might be too much for our five year old but Bean doesn’t really scare easily. The movie had a few frightening scenes (one scene briefly shows someone getting their hand cut off) and obviously contained fantastical violence. My little Thor fan was startled a few times but mostly by the loudness of the effects and the immersive 3D experience.

I enjoyed the movie, the storyline was a typical for a comic book movie with the plot heavily relying on coincidences centering around the main characters being at the right place at the right time as well as miraculously having the right tech to deal with the right supernatural cataclysmic event. The plot was a little much for Bean but she enjoyed the incredible visuals and special effects that showcased the wonders and technolgy of Asgard and the other eight realms.

As the movie wrapped up with Bean sitting in my lap, we waited for the bonus credit scenes (stay till the very very end). Asking her what her favourite part was, she whispered blushing “When Thor was kissing the girl…I wish I was that girl!”. Her other favourite part: the slow upward close-up pan of a shirtless Thor “Heehee, I saw his boobies and bellybutton!”. My favourite part: Rene Russo playing Thor’s mother and the Asgardian Queen Frigga in an awesome swirling swordfight. Oh, and Thor taking the Tube. Classy.

Daddy Daughter Date Night to see Thor 4

All in all, a very fun night. Bean and I had a great time and took some great pictures for the family album. This is the beginning of a great daddy-daughter tradition.

Tell me… Do you have parent child dates? What are some of your favorite date activities with your kids? Do you have fond memories of spending one on one time with a parent when you were growing up?

Watch the Thor Dark World Trailer here:

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