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Sew Creative Family Photo.From left to right- Bean, The Hubs, Me and The Turtle.Photo taken by Zuzu Photography- https://zuzuphotos.com/
Sew Creative Family Photo.
From left to right- Bean, The Hubs, Me and The Turtle.
Photo taken by Zuzu Photography- https://zuzuphotos.com/

When you create a blog using Wordpress it automatically creates your first post for you called “Hello World”. I went to delete the post, but somehow the title seemed fitting, so I decided to keep the name and create a new post.

Hello World! Hello Readers (though you will probably be future readers, not current readers)! Hello Friends New & Old! Welcome to Sew Creative.

A few years back I started a Tumblr page called She Is Sew Creative~ Those and That Which Inspire Me, the premise of the Tumblr account was much the same as the premise for this page, to share things that I am working on,  recipes that I find that I especially love, fabulous diy projects that I find on Pinterest,  to spread the word about fabulous handmade artisans… basically to inspire and be inspired. Not long after I started my Tumblr account I bought the url sheissewcreative.com with the intention of one day turning it into a blog.

6 months after the birth of my second child I decided to stop thinking about creating a blog and to do it. I found a designer I loved named Tasha from My Cute Lobster Designs (I can’t recommend her enough BTW) and we got to work figuring out exactly what this blog was going to look like. Along the way we decided to drop the She Is and just be Sew Creative Blog. And, well, here you are. Just moments ago I got the blog to the point where I think it is share worthy (though I will continue to modify as the days go by) and here is my first, long and rambling post. 😉 I promise, my writing will get more interesting.

So welcome friends, I stare out my window at the foggy, Vancouver, BC skyline and wonder what the future holds for this blog of mine. I can’t wait to see where it takes me, I can’t wait to be inspired by my readers and hopefully inspire you as well.


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  1. Looks super Crystal! Looking forward to discovering your creative talent via blog-o-sphere!

    1. Thanks Donna!