Mommy Monday- A Pair of Rough and Tumble Kamik Boots For My Rough And Tumble Boy

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A pair of rough and tumble boots for a rough and tumble boy- Kamik
I love when traditions I had as a child are adopted by my own kiddos. When I was in my early teens, my Dad bought my mom, sister and me, each a pair of Kamik boots for Christmas. It happened to be a year where we had an epic Christmas snowfall in Washington, so after all the presents were opened and breakfast was eaten, the 4 of us went for a Christmas day walk through the snow wearing our new boots. 

I still remember the feel of pulling on the boots and how toasty warm they were inside. I remember all of us holding hands as we walked, 4 abreast. I remember our cat Toby, who was part Siamese, part Manx, part bobcat (but more dog) following along after us, joining us for our entire Christmas day walk. I remember stumbling across a herd of deer as we walked and Toby coming nose to nose to them, sniffing them, curious about these silent creatures.

The memories from our Christmas Day walk have lasted as long as the boots have! Yes, the Kamiks I received as a teenager are still in fabulous condition, except for the fact that they are now 1 size too small…. but talk about quality!

This year for Christmas, Turtle received his first pair of Kamik boots as a Christmas gift. My boy is rough and tumble. While we have less snow in Vancouver then in other places in Canada, we love spending time outdoors exploring– Bug hunting, searching for natural “treasures”, keeping an eye out for birds, beavers, squirrels and muskrats. If there is a puddle to be splashed in, a giant rock to be climbed, or mud to be squished through, you had better bet that Turtle will be there doing it. 


Kamiks on a toddler
As a kid, I had a cat who acted like a dog follow us on our family walks. Now we have a dog who is smaller than a cat!

We bought Turtle a pair of rubber boots in the fall, and within a month they had developed a hole that leaked every time he jumped into a mud puddle. This kiddo needs a pair of boots that are as rough and tumble as he is, like Kamik. I snapped a few pictures of him during our first family walk while he was wearing his new Kamik boots for the first time. It was so fun to see him in the same kind of boots that I had such fond memories of from my childhood. 


Toddler wearing Kamiks
Hunting for bugs with his Daddy. The worms and snails always come out after a good rain.
Kamik boots on a toddler
Intensely stomping through the big puddles with Daddy (and based on the scowl on his face… ready for a nap!)

PS. Kamik is a family owned Canadian company… you gotta love that!


Sew Creative Family out for a family walk
Sew Creative Family out for a family walk

Thank you to Kamik for sending a pair of rough and tumble boots for my rough and tumble kiddo!

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