Mommy Monday- 5 Year Old Bean Donates Her Hair to Locks of Love

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Mommy Monday at Sew Creative 5 year old donates hair to Locks of LoveHappy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a fabulous holiday season. I took 2 weeks off of work (and blogging) and am feeling refreshed and ready for achieving a ton of goals that I set for myself for 2014.

The Hubs, Bean, Turtle and I had a really nice, relaxing holiday with family and friends (though all 4 of us did succumb to the stomach flu during that time). We hope that you had a holiday season that was just as wonderful (minus the stomach flu).

Today for Mommy Monday I thought that I would share one of my proudest moments from the holiday season. 

2 weeks before Christmas Bean announced that she wanted to get her hair cut. I asked her what kind of haircut she wanted and she said that she wanted her hair cut like mine. I have a long bob that hits my shoulders when I’m wearing it straight and just below my chin when I’m wearing it curly. I booked an appointment for her at our neighborhood hair salon and she eagerly anticipated her haircut. The weekend arrived of her hair appointment and as I was brushing her long hair and putting it in a ponytail I thought of Locks of Love.

I pulled out my measuring tape and measured her hair… 10 inches from the end of her ponytail to right above the ponytail holder… just what Locks of Love required to make a donation.

“What are you doing Mummy?” Bean asked.

“Mummy’s measuring your hair. I want to talk to you about something. Sometimes when people get really, really sick the medicine they have to take makes them lose their hair. There is a place called Locks of Love, where you can donate your hair when you cut it and they will make a wig for a little boy or girl who has lost there hair. I was checking to see if you have enough hair to donate to Locks of Love. You do… but you would have to cut your hair shorter than what you were thinking.” I explained to her.

“I want to donate my hair to a little girl who’s sick Mommy!” Bean exclaimed.

“Let me show you how short your hair would be before you make your decision.” I said.

I showed Bean how her hair would be right to her chin in the front and shorter in the back if we cut off her ponytail.

“I want to do that!” she said.

An hour later my little girl walked out of the hair salon with a ponytail in her hand, a big smile on her face and the feeling that she had just given someone a pretty incredible Christmas gift.

Bean holding her Locks of Love Ponytail

I was and still am so proud of my little girl. I think her haircut turned out adorable and her beautiful, thick dark hair is going to make a beautiful hairpiece for a sick boy or girl.

Bean Locks of Love Haircut

Tell me… Have you or has someone you know donated hair to Locks of Love? If you have a message for Bean leave it in the comments field and I’ll make sure to read them to her. She loves hearing what you all have to say. 🙂

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