Mommy Monday- Splatter Party at 4 Cats

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Splatter Party at 4 Cats 1

I’ve been blogging for 9 months now, even though I’m still a “baby blogger” this business of blogging has opened up so many interesting doors for me.

Last weekend, Bean and I were invited to a Splatter Party at 4 Cats Capitol Hill. (Thank you to Eschelle from Mumfection and Ricky from Daddy Blogger for the invitation.) Anytime I can have a Mommy Daughter date with my girl is fabulous, but combine spending time with my girl, with being creative and being in the company of other fabulous parent bloggers and that is a winning combination.

Bean has been to a splatter party before, I knew they looked like fun, but I had never participated in the splatter fun myself. My girl and I had a blast.

Splatter Party at 4 Cats 8

After all of the guests arrived and introductions were made we all got to pick out 4 colors of paint and were invited into “The Splatter Room”. In the splatter room we were given a piece of canvas and a paint brush. We were told to load a bunch of paint onto the paint brush, stand back and then flick the paint brush at the canvas. Jackson Pollock had nothing on us! Next we were given a second paintbrush and we alternated flicking the paint brushes like we were playing drums. Paint went everywhere… and I mean everywhere… On the canvas, on our faces, in our hair, even on the ceiling. It was so much fun and resulted in lots of giggles!

Splatter Party at 4 Cats 7Next a large canvas was placed on the floor and we all gathered around it in a circle and flicked paint at the canvas (and each other). Then water balloons filled with paint were handed out. We exploded the water balloons in our hands and flicked the paint at the canvas.

Did we get messy? Yes we got messy! And we had so much fun doing it!!!

Splatter Party at 4 Cats 4

Next we had some delicious refreshments from Cobs Kensington and Be Coconut Water.

Splatter Party at 4 Cats 6

4 Cats has all kinds of fun classes for kids and adults alike. Plus they are a great location to have birthday parties at. There are 4 Cats locations all over the world so make sure to check out the 4 Cats website to find a location near you. You won’t regret it, and maybe you’ll learn to make beautiful art like that below!

Splatter Party at 4 Cats 9

Thanks to Maggie from 4 Cats who was a wonderful host. And again thank you to Eschelle and Ricky for inviting me. The Vancouver parent blogger community has been so welcoming.

Tell me… Have you ever gone to an art studio and taken a class? What did you make? What are some of your favorite activities to do on “mommy kiddo date days”?

*I was not paid for doing this event re-cap. I did get to participate in the splatter party free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Great blog post Crystal! My favourite part is the before and after photos of you and your little one!

  2. Pheap My-Patrick says:

    Love the photos with you and your little one with paint all over your
    faces. What great photos to add to her memory book 🙂