Hello Creative Family Contributors Share Their New Year’s Intentions

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Hello Creative Family Contributors Share Their New Year's Intentions

Happy New Year everyone! The entire Hello Creative Family team hopes that you have had the happiest, healthiest, most creative, winter break ever! I’m so excited for 2016 and want to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this wonderful ride and for being such a huge part of our past year! Thank you for everything that you’ve done to make the transition from Sew Creative to Hello Creative Family such a huge success.

Today we’re looking forward to everything that 2016 is going to bring our way. We’re sending those positive vibes out into the universe and we can’t wait to see what they bring our way!  

A few years ago I heard of this crazy fad of setting “New Year’s Intentions”. I’d long since given up the idea of setting New Year’s resolutions… don’t most people usually drop their resolution within a month or so anyways? But I loved the idea of putting a word out their into the universe that I was going to live my life by for the following year. I decided to go for it, set an intention, and I shared it on what was then Sew Creative. 

My intention the first year was “Do It!” At the time, I was letting fear stop me, and I decided that I was going to cast my fears aside and let nothing hold me back. I had no idea how much those two little words were going to change my life. That year I quit my job of 8 years, opened my own social media company, and stepped outside of my comfort zone as I attended a variety of blog conferences. 

My intention in 2014 worked so well, that I decided to do it again in 2015 and set another intention for myself. My word for 2015 was “Quality“. In 2014 I volunteered a ton in my daughter’s classroom. I knew her teachers well, all of her classmates knew me by name, and it had a huge impact on my daughter’s quality of life at school. I also came to the realization that no one woman can do it all herself, and so I decided to take Sew Creative in a new direction, bringing on a business partner (the multi-talented, Karen Bannister), rebranding as Hello Creative Family and bringing on a team of incredible writers to join the Hello Creative Family family. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.48.28 PM

And now it’s time to set my intention for 2016… I do social media management for a variety of health and wellness experts an I finding myself sharing articles about happiness often. If you could be one thing in life, what would it be? For me, it’s happy! They say that people who are happy live longer and healthier lives. Happiness has a huge impact on the quality of your life… and having a big smile on your face makes you look 10 years younger. 😉 

So this year I chose to be happy and have happiness front and center in my mind for every decision that I make. If a decision is going to make me miserable, it’s not a decision that I should make, because that’s not good for my health, or the well being of my family. You know what they say…  Happy wife, happy life. 😉

My family and I have also decided to set a family intention for the year, and we have chosen Gratitude. This year more than ever, we are going to take time to recognize all of the ways, big and little, that we are blessed. Each night before dinner we’re each going to share one thing that we are grateful for. 

I asked Karen and our Hello Creative Family contributors to share their intentions for 2016. Here are their responses.


Karen Bannister of HelloCreativeFamily.com
Karen- My word to guide 2016 is “Listen
When I began running, I never thought my body wouldn’t always be up to the task. I thought as long as I could get over the mind hurdle of getting out there, I’d be good. Then I got injured. I’ve spent the last year learning how to listen to my body (totally re-learning how to run).
2015 was rough on my thyroid. The poor thing just isn’t giving me optimal health right now. Rather than my usual super sonic speed, I will learn to listen to what I need. That may mean shutting off the computer, playing more with no agenda, and worrying less.
I am working so hard to build my business. I sometimes forget the golden rule of business: listen to what people want and need. Give them that. I want to practice this, but also bring the message of how to be a better listener to others. 
And finally, terrible twos? How about the feisty fives? My middle child has given us a fair share of battles this year. And of course I learned a few lessons along the way. The biggest, the one I need to admit to you, is that as soon as I got down on my knees and listened, really really listened to her, the power struggles stopped (mostly). What a lesson! And in 2016 I want to take more quiet time to listen to what my kids have to say. They are very very smart.
Find more of Karen at Her Story Media
Salma Rounded Corners
Salma- Happiness
Happiness is maybe not a word that people think about on a daily basis, but I do. Happiness is a quest that I started last year and it continues.I realized that I had so many wonderful things in my life but for some reason, I wasn’t as happy as I could be. So I decided to change that and went on a quest, my own sort of happiness project. And it’s a quest to not only be happier myself, but to also make others happy. Because when you’re happy, life is just better.
Find more of Salma’s writing at The Write Balance. 
Taslim rounded_corners 
Taslim- Shine
The one thing I intend to do in 2016 is SHINE. Over the last few years I’ve been an archaeologist, unearthing the sparkly bits of my soul that light me up and hopefully light up others. On this quest, I’ve learned a lot about the things that fulfill me and give my life purpose, but I haven’t fully stepped into it all yet. I guess I see myself teetering on the edge of a new year and really wanting this bright light inside me to burst forth. I want to do more than just *know* I’m a writer, teacher, musician and community-builder. I want to superimpose those bits of me over everything I do.
Find more of Taslim’s writing at Let Me Out Creative.
Renee rounded_corners 
Renee- Sing
My word for 2016 is SING. I’m working hard this year on freeing my creativity and expressing myself. I intend to SING in 2016 with a stronger voice, feeling even more inspired to follow my passions. I’m not going to limit myself anymore, now is the time to act on what I truly want for myself.
Find more of Renee’s writing at Sweet Revelations.
Brooke rounded_corners 
Brooke- Popcorn
My word is popcorn. Because I know through the fire, the wind, happiness, sadness, grey, light, weeknights, weekends, joy, sorrow and desire, I will ALWAYS have popcorn. Attainable AND delicious. You may say this is a cheap cop out. I won’t respond because my mouth is full of delicious popcorn.
Find more of Brooke’s writing at Miss Teen USSR.
Randa rounded_corners
Randa- Me
My word for the year is me. I’m going to be focusing on what will be best for me, from work to my personal life. This is the year that I will not stretch myself thin. I will finally get the balancing act together, even if that means I have to say no more often.
Find more of Randa’s writing at The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. 
Heather 3 rounded_corners
Heather- Simplify
My focus word is simplify. This is the second year in a row I will be choosing this intention. Last year I paired down a lot but between full time work, graduate school, and family life, my year was anything but simple. This year, in honor of my health, my happiness, and my loves, I will simplify more (and more and more). I know that with less commitments and distractions we will have more quality. Simplify!!!
Find more of Heather’s writing at Mother Your Business
Jessica rounded_corners
Jessica- All in.
My intention for 2016 is “all in”. I want to spend the next year living life to the fullest. I don’t want to do it all but what I do I want to do well.  As for my blog I want to focus more on growing and learning throughout 2016. I am attending a new conference and I have a few ebooks to read! If anyone has suggestions of books, blogs etc I would love any and all advice!
Find more of Jessica’s writing at Mommy Envy


Tell us… have you set an intention for 2016? What is the word (or words) that you are going to live by over the upcoming year?

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