Mod Podge Washi Tape Pencils That Won’t Peel Tutorial

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Mod Podge Washi Tape Pencil Tutorial that won't peel

I love craft projects that I find online, especially when they are easy ones using materials I already have around the house. I HATE it when the craft projects don’t turn out. I’ve seen a lot of Washi Tape Pencils Tutorials online, but when I tried making them, the tape ended up peeling as soon as I tried to use it. So I decided to put on my thinking cap and create a No Peel Washi Tape Pencils Tutorial.

Mod Podge Washi Tape Pencil Tutorial that won't peel 2

What you need:

  • Washi Tape
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • A Foam Brush


  • Starting at the erase end of the pencil, fit your washi tape as close to the metal part of the pencil as possible. Wrap the tape once around the pencil. I overlap the tape approximately 1/8 of an inch. Cut the tape.
  • Work your way around the pencil one piece of tape at a time. Try to keep the “seam” where the tape overlaps at the same place on the pencil.

Mod Podge Washi Tape Pencil Tutorial that won't peel 3

  • Work your way all the way to the bottom of the pencil.
  • Take your mod podge and using a foam brush apply a thin layer of mod podge around over all of the areas of the pencil covered in tape. Pay special attention to your “seam” making sure you really get the mod podge in there.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Use and enjoy!

These no peel washi tape pencils make a fun back to school supply. It will be easier for your kiddos to keep track of which pencils are there’s because they will have a unique look to them. Kids can also pick out the washi tape for their pencil and help with the craft.

Washi tape pencils are also a fun, artsy way to dress up your office supplies. They are a great conversation starter.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Check out other Sew Creative Tutorials for more fun DIY projects.

Tell me… Do you have little ones in school? Do they have any unique school supplies? How do you show off your creative style at work or at meetings and conferences?

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  1. you are all so creative! I love this idea. I would never think of it but my kids would love to so this!

  2. This is so creative. Maybe, I will send my hubby to work with these!!!

  3. I completely share your feelings about finding EASY crafts that work! I love your washi pencils. I just bought a washi role that has postage marks and stamps (very cool) so I will give this a try. I think even this ‘non-crafty’ gal can do this one. Visiting via SITSSHAREFEST from over at where I gush over all things stationery and lost art of letter writing.

  4. This looks FUN. I could make these for my nieces. Of course, if I made them, they would look horrible.

  5. What a great idea! I am always looking for fun non-candy treats for the kids class parties, this has been bookmarked for Halloween:)

  6. So glad I finally made it over to check these out from ShareFest! My daughter is going to love decorating those FOUR BOXES of pencils we had to buy this year!

  7. Love this!! That is awesome and I have always had the “peeling” problem. Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂

  8. This looks like a cool project…I really want to try Washi tape out! Just pinned it!

  9. Katherine says:

    Great idea! I always wondered how people get their washi tape to actually stick to things like pencils – I guess the secret it out of the bag! Cool tutorial – thank you for posting it. (I found you via Mod Podge Rocks – Amy is the best, isn’t she?!) Anyway, I’m loving your bird washi tape. I have washi tape with birds on it – but not like yours. Would you mind sharing your source, please? 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Katherine,

      I always wondered the same thing. I tried other people’s tutorials but my washi always peeled off. It was driving me nuts. I tried clear nail polish first, but it still peeled. Then I saw my Mod Podge sitting on my shelf and decided to give it a try. Worked like a charm. I haven’t seen any other tutorials suggesting it though.

      I love the bird on a wire washi tape too. I got it as a daily deal from Pick Your Plum (there is a link under sponsors in my sidebar). They don’t have washi tape all the time but I keep my eye out for when they do have it. I’ve never seen anyone with such good deals on Washi as Pick Your Plum.

      Best Wishes,


  10. Quick question: can you sharpen pencils with washi tape on the? They look adorable, but I’ve had problems before with cute pencils that get tossed once the initial point is gone, because the sharpeners can’t handle the stuff on the pencil!


    1. Hi Laura,

      I haven’t had a problem sharpening them but you could always peel the washi tape away strip by strip as you sharpen them if you did have a problem with them in your pencil sharpener.

      Thank you so much for visiting!

      Best Wishes,


  11. Just started using washi tape in my crafts and have been using mod podge as well! I love this tutorial for pencils 🙂

    1. Hi Lia,

      Thank you so much. They really are fun aren’t they? I love playing with washi tape. I’ll have to make some more washi tape tutorials soon.

      Best wishes,