Spring Easter Wreath From Sew Creative

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Spring Easter Wreath From SewCreativeBlogI love having something hanging on our front door. The front door is a guest’s first glimpse into the home, so I think it’s nice to have something festive there to greet them.

Right after Valentine’s Day I took a trip to Michaels and explored the aisles for materials for a Spring Wreath. I had done a Weekly Inspiration- Easter Wreaths & Door Decorations post so I had a million ideas running through my head but wanted to make a wreath uniquely my own.

I found the section of vine wreaths and was shocked that they were only $4.99 each! I love robin’s egg blue so my next stop was in the spray paint aisle where I picked up a can of robin’s egg blue spray paint (I used my 40% off coupon on that one). The first thing I did when I got home was spray paint the wreath to a lovely blue color.

In the Easter aisle I found your average plastic Easter Eggs that you stuff with Easter goodies. I picked up a bag of those along with some fun pastel colored yarn to wrap around them. Some of the eggs I wrapped haphazardly like a ball of yarn and some I wrapped neatly from top to bottom. I also found eggs in pretty shades of blue, green and purple that had little speckles on them. I grabbed a bag of those as well to leave “as is” on the wreath.

My last stop was to the clearance aisle where I noticed that Michaels was clearing out all of their Ashland Home Decor items for 40% off! I found a pretty pink papier-mâché bird along with a little white bird cage meant to hold a tea light.

Michaels had everything I needed to create a beautiful wreath.

This past Saturday afternoon The Hubs gave me “the look” and asked me to please take down our Valentine’s Day decorations. I figured it was the perfect excuse to stay up late and get my wreath done.

A couple hours later and a few glue gun burns, here is the result. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and have even had a few neighbors comment on how pretty it is. I think it can stay up beyond Easter as a spring wreath.

Do you decorate your front door for different seasons and holidays?

Spring Easter Wreath From Sew Creative BlogSpring Easter Wreath From SewCreativeBlog


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