Eye Candy- Birch Fabrics Safari Soiree Line Designed by Dan Stiles

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Safari Soiree Cheater from Birch Fabrics

This post is for all of you fabric addicts. I know your out there, I see you at our weekly support groups. 😉 Hello! My name is Crystal and I am a fabric addict. I currently have over 200 prints in my fabric stash. They are an absolute necessity though, I use them for the shirts that I make in my Etsy store Lilikoi Lane.  I must keep adding to my stash for business purposes. Wink, wink.

We recently moved to a new house. I’m getting ready to redo my daughter’s room in a mermaid theme and have just started looking for inspiration for my son’s room. He is 6 months old and still sleeping with us so we have a bit of time, but any excuse to fabric shop, right?

I’ve recently discovered Birch Fabrics. Their fabrics are not only beautifully designed, they are also made from 100% organic cotton “treated with love not pesticides.”

I was browsing their website today (oh how I wish I could buy one of EVERYTHING) and came across their new Safari Soiree line. Designed by Dan Stiles it was love at first sight for this fabric addict. I’m thinking it might be just the thing for The Turtle’s new bedroom. Take a peek!

soiree_teal soiree_cream soiree_brown I can’t decide which is my favorite of the three prints above Soiree Teal, Soiree Cream and Soiree Brown. The animals on them are just too cute. polka_danceChevron prints are so popular right now. I love how Dan Stiles combined all the different colors and polka dots to give the chevron design a new twist. The design is called Polka Dance.


I love the use of color along with the adorable heart trees in this Giraffe Love print.

elephunI’m on the bunting bandwagon. The elephants holding bunting makes this one of my favorite prints in the Safari Soiree line. The name of the print is Elephun. I love it.

ele_train_teal ele_train_shroom ele_train_orangeele_train_grass

The blue, grey, green and orange colors used in the previous four prints are so popular right now, I considered using them for this blog. The names of the previous four prints are Ele Train Teal, Ele Train Shroom, Ele Train Orange and Ele Train Grass.
toucan_tangoThe toucans in Toucan Tango are too cute.

monkey_swingI LOVE monkeys. I’m constantly looking for monkey fabric. Unbelievably I’ve had a hard time finding monkey fabric that fits my design aesthetic. This one, Monkey Swing, fits the bill perfectly.

Safari Soiree Cheater from Birch Fabrics

Last but not least we have the Safari Soiree Cheater. Want to make a quilt, but don’t know how to do it (or don’t have the time)? This cheater would be so quick and easy to make a quilt with. Just sew along the lines for an instant quilted look.

Birch fabrics can be found at a number of fabric stores internationally both online and with physical locations. Here is a complete list of where you can buy Birch Fabrics. I noticed that The Fabric Worm has the Safari Soiree line available on their site.

Birch fabric’s has not sent me any fabric nor paid me for this blog post… I’m just head over heels in love with their fabric. 🙂

Is there a line of fabric that has caught your eye? Tell me about it! I’ll add it to my Fabric board on Pinterest.

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