10 Handmade and DIY Rainbows to Brighten Your Weekend

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Seriously... can you look at something rainbow colored and not smile? Rainbow's make everyone's days so much happier! Here are 10 Handmade and DIY Rainbow Projects and Crafts to Brighten Your Weekend!This weekend we are painting our house, well more specifically we are painting our dining room, then next weekend we will paint the living room, the weekend after the kitchen and so on and so forth. When we bought our house one of the biggest things we had to look past was the paint and the condition of the walls beneath the paint. I said to myself “The first thing we will do when we move into this house is paint it.” One week later Turtle was born and 20 months later… we still haven’t crossed any DIY projects off of our list.

I came home from work yesterday, looked at The Hubs and said “Lets head to Lowe’s, buy paint and paint this weekend.” He looked at me like I was a bit crazy, he is a planner and could plan painting for months before doing it. I am a bit more impulsive. I get an idea in my head and want to do it right away. It’s such a good thing that we are the opposite though because I like to do things and get them done fast… I don’t always think out the best way to do it or all of the technicalities. The Hubs likes to do things right, even if that means it takes a lot longer. In the long run that is a REALLY GOOD THING.

Anyways this is all my really long winded way of saying that this weekend I am thinking about COLOR! I felt like I needed a collection of rainbows to take me away from the dust of sanding the walls and the paint fumes.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite handmade and DIY rainbows.

Rainbow JellyfishRainbow Jellyfish Crochet Pattern from PosiPlush

Rainbow Easter Eggs from Bright Life ToysRainbow Wooden Easter Eggs from Bright Life Toys

DIY Rainbow Folding ChairsDIY Rainbow Folding Chairs from The Moon and Me

 Rainbow Doormat

Wooden Rainbow Floor Mat Tutorial from Lowes

rainbow-ombre-bangle-DIY-680x680DIY Rainbow Ombre Bangle from Love U Madly

DIY Rainbow Scarf Crochet Pattern

DIY Rainbow Scarf Crochet Pattern from The Green Dragonfly

DIY Rainbow Table Runner

DIY Rainbow Table Runner from Say Yes

DIY Rainbow Tire GardenDIY Rainbow Tire Garden from Blog Gecko

Rainbow-Paver-Hopscotch-Hop-ScotchDIY Rainbow Paver Stone Hopscotch from Happiness is Homemade

Handmade Over The Rainbow Button Necklace

Handmade Over The Rainbow Button Necklace from Minsky

I hope that this post helped to brighten up your day!


Create a bright and colorful upcycled rainbow pallet planter project with these simple instructions from Hello Creative Family. An easy and fun family weekend project that kids will love.

Rainbow Pallet Flower Garden from Hello Creative Family

Tell me… What is your favorite handmade rainbow or DIY Rainbow project? 

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  1. Great pavers way-1,2,3,4….! Do you know I can’t wait to try it? The color selection is really inspirational. I appreciate the idea that Rainbow Pallet Flower Garden. Anyway, awesome work.