Inspiration- DIY Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Help Craft

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Fantastic Father's Day Craft and DIY Gift Ideas that kids can help makeFather’s Day is less than two weeks away now! Do you know what that means? Time to start getting your little one’s working on their craft and DIY Father’s Day gifts!

This week I thought I would round up a few of my favorite craft ideas that would make great Father’s Day gifts that little ones can help out with. They aren’t all traditional kids crafts but they certainly are projects that dad will love and that the little one’s will feel proud helping out with.

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Have kids decorate mugs with sharpies then bake at 350 for 15 minutes for Father's Day giftWe’ve all seen the DIY Sharpie Mug tutorials floating around. I particularly love these ones from My So Called Crafty Life. Ashlee recommends using Sharpie paint markers to give your mugs a longer life. Check out her tutorial here. How cute would it be for the little ones to draw a picture for dad on a mug for him to start using for his daily coffee or tea?

Handprint Family Tree Father's Day Kids Craft Gift IdeaI shared this family tree handprint art from Naptime Decorator with you back in my Handprint Art Projects For Kids post, but I thought I would share it again as it would make a fantastic Father’s Day gift. Get all of the kid’s handprints along with your own then on Father’s Day dad can add his own handprint. Such a touching and lovely keepsake.

Felted soap is a great kids craft project that results in a fabulous father's day gift

Felted soap has become a favorite “go to” gift for me. Grab a couple of bars of dad’s favorite bar soap. Have kids pick their favorite colors of wool roving and create a gift for Dad that is soap and a loofah in one! Ginny at Rhythm of the Home has a fabulous tutorial on how to make felted soap.

Animal Topped Mason Jars for Dad's miscellaneous doodads in the garage Father's Day Kids Craft IdeaBoth The Hubs and my dad have TONS of doo-dads laying around their “man space” in their garages and work spaces. I just love these animal topped mason jars that were featured in an interview about Caitlin Wilson and her home on Design Sponge. I think they would make any dad smile whenever he glanced at them while hanging out in his man space. My Life In Projects has a great tutorial on how to make them. I know that Bean would have so much fun making them for her daddy and would probably want a few for her own room.

Have kids help make this yummy Nuts and Bolts recipe for the perfect Father's Day GiftFather’s Day wouldn’t be complete without something yummy in Daddy’s tummy! Kids feel so accomplished by helping out in the kitchen. Pouring, stirring, measuring… all tasks that little ones can take on in the kitchen that will help them learn about food and cooking. This Nuts and Bolts recipe from Martha Stewart looks delicious and it also has the printables so you can print your own Nut’s and Bolts label!

DIY Wrapping Paper Kids CraftLast but not least, every gift should come wrapped in beautiful paper. Get the kids involved in creating the wrapping paper too! This beautiful wrapping paper from What Happen’s At Grandma’s was made using potato stamps.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Weekly Inspiration post. Do your kids craft gifts for Dad for Father’s Day? I’d love to hear what the father’s in your life will be getting this Father’s Day!

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  1. I will try the tree with hand prints,, super idea

  2. Thank you so much ladies!

  3. Thank you for the lovely compliment of being included in your gallery of Father’s Day gifts! I think we both agree that daddies best love things made by the hands of their own children!

  4. What a fabulous round up! The animal jars have been on my crafty to do list for a while. Everything here looks like fun! Thanks so much for including my mugs!