7 Tips and Tricks for Updating Home Decor

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7 Tips and Tricks for Updating Home Decor

7 Tips and Tricks for Updating Your Home Decor

Hello Everyone!

I’ve found a new love for decorating my home in the past few months. I’ve always loved decorating and making my home feel more inviting. I love hosting dinners and showing people what I’ve been working on. But in the new year my goal is to be more focused. Not only will being focused save me time and energy but I think it will make me happier with my home.
This year I learned how to create a gallery wall I LOVE and shared my favorite tips for decorating on a budget. And today I wanted to share with you 7 tips and tricks for updating home decor!

1. Start with paint. It’s probably the cheapest upgrade and will make the biggest difference. I am a big fan of color. I love colorful furniture and decor but I’ve learned to choose neutrals for walls, furniture and even some decor. I love going to the paint section of home improvement stores and looking at their books of color. They will have neutrals grouped together (how convenient). You might be surprised to find purples and blues and other colors that work really well with neutrals. Then pick one or two colors for accents, I like to use the same colors through out the whole house for a cohesive look. Check out my favorite neutral wall color.
2. Don’t settle on a home decor item just because it matches the color. I’ve been known to pick up a vase or a picture frame just for the color. And though matching your color scheme is nice be sure you really love the item. Otherwise you might find you don’t even use the item in the end.
3. Shop your home. This is my favorite thing to do. Hello! It’s free! I move my furniture and decor so much my husband is no longer surprised when he comes home to a completely different living room. I have slowed down a bit but that is because I have begun to find where I really like everything to be placed.
Untitled design
4. Look for inspiration but learn how to use it. You can’t just purchase the same exact items and expect them to magically fall into place. This is when you need styling. You need layers and you need each item placed in the right place. It may sound like work but just make sure you really look at your inspiration (I find mine on Pinterest and magazines) and see how each item is placed on a shelf or table.
5. Rule of Thirds. If you’ve dabbled in photography you know about the rule of thirds and in decorating you use it too! Do not simply put home decor items center on a shelf. Line up your items so the rest in the left or right third of the area.
 candle holder 2
6. Decorate in odd numbers. I absolutely love odd numbers. I have always loved odd numbers. I even spell my nickname Jes instead of Jess because of my love for odds. I also love odd numbers in decorating. I mostly use sets of three. Three vases or three books or even three random objects placed together.
7. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your home. Keep it simple. If that means buying one item at a time that’s fine. If you feel better about buying decor for an entire room at once so there is no question about it matching then go for it! To keep each room light and fresh keep your home decor simple and balanced. Don’t place too many items on a shelf (remember the previous tip).


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  1. Absolutely got some new ideas. Among them rule of third is the most interesting. I appreciate to post this type of blog. Keep it up. Thank You 🙂

  2. Amazing tips!

    I really love the way you manage all the kitchen stuff. it looks so pretty and the yellow cabinet which enhancing the overall look of the room effortlessly.

  3. This coming summer I intend to rearrange my home décor. I am so happy that I came to your blog and found some fantastic tips and ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing! I got so much idea about home decor. It looks so pretty. One question: Can i use the black color of the furniture?

  5. Your seven tips and tricks are really awesome and amazing. Love these pretty tips and tricks.

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Great question! I haven’t tried it before but I don’t see why not. If you try it please let me know how it turns out!

      Best Wishes,