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Thank you so much for taking my class at Sublimation Camp 2022! I hope you had so much fun learning how to make handmade gifts using your children’s drawings and other family mementoes and that you’ve learned a ton of tips, tricks and techniques at camp!

On this page you’ll find my full supply list, some tips, tricks and free sublimation files for signing up for my enewsletter list! But first…


Packing 20 classes into three days is A LOT!!! I bet your head is spinning, your brain is full of ideas, and you are wishing you could go back and watch all the classes again to learn more, master those techniques and get more inspiration. Guess what? You can! You just need to grab the ALL ACCESS PASS!

The All-Access Pass is valued at $1,250 and includes:

  • On-demand access to more than 20 Sublimation Camp video workshops featuring amazing sublimation experts (worth more than $800)
  • Printable video workshop transcripts featuring step-by-step instructions (worth more than $100)
  • Project templates and designs for each workshop (worth more than $50)
  • A supportive online community within our attendee-only Facebook community (priceless!)
  • PLUS, sublimation bonuses from our speakers worth more than $300, including: cheat sheets, templates, mini-courses, 50+ sublimation designs, and so much more!

Access to the workshops starts May 12, 2022 at 9am and runs for one year!

You’ll also get my handmade gifts sublimation files!

 Creating Handmade Gifts Using Your Child’s Artwork And Other Family Mementoes Class Supply List

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Here’s a list of the supplies that I used for my class! I always encourage people to use what they have available in their craft room, but please make sure that for your blanks (mug, zippered pouch, towel and apron) you buy blanks that are specifically made for sublimation or are high in polyester count. I linked to my favorites below.


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