Holiday Gift Guide – Holiday Gift Ideas for Creative Kids with GIVEAWAYS!

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Hello Creative Family Holiday Gift Guide Creative Gifts for Creative Kids

Every year we are inundated with the many different toys available for little ones. And we can’t much control what Santa will bring. But if you want to be inspired by some creative gifts for your curious kids, here are our top picks. And then we’ve got an amazing GIFT for you. You can enter to win some of these awesome toys and books – just scroll down! Here are our picks for holiday gift ideas for creative kids. 

Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Ideas for Creative Kids

Rastar Mercedes

Rastar Mercedes SLK 55 AMG Foot to Floor 82300 White from Spots Hub
Your future race star will love this mini Mercedes (and Dad will be jealous too).

About This:
This amazing foot to floor car will become your kids’ preferred entertainment. They will have endless hours of fun riding this licensed luxury foot to floor car. Its sleek look resembles the original but you won’t have to break the bank to get it for your kids. What amazing locations will your child drive their car to? Their imagination is the limit! With a little creativity and the Rastar Mercedes you child could drive on the streets of Paris, a country road or even on the moon!

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Easy Animation Studio

Crayola Easy Animation Studio

This one is for the aspiring animator, or the kid who loves all things tech! Your animator can easily create animated videos up to
12 times faster than traditional stop-motion animation. Design a
character and scan it into a smartphone or tablet then place the
Mannequin in front of the device and move it into a series of poses.
The on-screen character mimics and records the movements
and automatically fills in missing poses for smooth, full motion.
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Polymer Clay
Polymer Clay is the perfect medium for encouraging kids to unleash their creative energy.
It stays soft and supple until you are ready to bake your creation into forever!
The creative possibilities are endless with polymer clay, from jewelry, to 3d cards,
to making your own toys! This makes a great stocking stuffer.
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Alex Toys Fantastic Spinner Kit
Your little Jackson Pollock will make fantastic works of art with this paint spinner from Alex Toys.
It’s kid-powered so there is no need to scramble for batteries! Just spin the plate and drip paint to create stunning creations!
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Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.28.31 AM

Green Kid Crafts
Get your creative kid a monthly subscription to Green Kid Crafts and each month he or she will
receive a fun and educational  discovery box. 
These monthly kits combine science, technology, engineering, math and art. 
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Kids Crafternoon Felting

Kids Crafternoon Felting
Sometimes it isn’t the gift but the promise of time together and
the Crafternoon series gives your child just that.
This book about felting features 25 projects to make with a little 
felt, a needle and some glue. It’s perfect for an adventurous 
crafting kid. 
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Seedling: Good Things for Girls
This kit is full of possibility! Rather than giving 
you a specific project, Seedling has given a 
girl or boy a treasure trove of possibility.
The kit includes knitting doll, yarn, skipping
rope, pick-up sticks, colour pencil and a5 pad.
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The Day the Crayons Quit featured on

The Day the Crayons Quit and
The Day The Crayons Came Home

The Day the Crayons Quit and it’s sequel,The Day The
Crayons Came Home are the types of books that make children want to become authors. In the first book, Duncan’s
crayons decide to go on strike, and each crayon writes him a
letter letting him know why. From being overused, to being underused, to having grievances with the other colors,
these books will have your kiddos wanting to
read them again and again and inspire them to start creating books of their own.
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Lost my name books featured on

Lost My Name Bedtime Stories
Lost My Name is a children’s publisher that
combines the old-school power of stories with
the new possibilities of technology to create magical, personalized experiences for kids.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name /
The Little Boy Who Lost His Name are stories created around the individual letters of a
child’s name – so each child’s name creates its own unique adventure from over 300 different story variants.
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Hello Creative Family Holiday Gift Guide Gifts for Creative Kids

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  1. missbobloblaw says:

    I’d add the Crayola Easy Animation Studio because DS has been begging me for one 🙂

  2. Amanda Whitley says:

    my son would be thrilled to have the Rastar Mercedes Kids Car because he loves cars!

  3. I’d get the Green Kid Crafts kit for my son.

  4. Pat Drouillard says:

    The Seedling Kit for sure. My granddaughter loves to craft and create things,, all the time.