How I’m Going To Help My Kids Get Healthier in 2015

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 How I'm Going To Help My Kids Get Healthier in 2015

This morning a girlfriend phoned me and the two of us had a nice long chat about our health. Both of us have been trying to make a commitment to ourselves to put our health first. We both want to exhibit positive body image to our girls, be active and live long and healthy lives enjoying our kiddos. 2015 is the year for both of us, it’s our year to get healthy.

After we talked about our own health for awhile we started talking about the health of our kids. I firmly believe that all 4 of our children are absolute perfection– they have perfect, strong little bodies, they are filled with energy and they are happy and healthy. 

That being said, my weight loss journey has made me start to question if I’ve been giving them the healthiest food options. My kids love carbs, pasta and rice being their favorite. Until recently I was of the mindset that a meal wasn’t complete without a carbohydrate. A healthy lean beef stir fry would be accompanied by rice (often white though we really knew we should be eating brown rice or quinoa). A grilled chicken breast would be served with grilled zucchini and red peppers alongside oven roasted baby potatoes. My delicious homemade spaghetti sauce (though loaded with veggies) would be served atop spaghetti. Dinners with protein and veggies without carbs were few and far between. 

Same goes for snacking. If you ask my kids what they would like for a snack their first response would probably be “Can I have a cookie or a piece of Halloween candy?” When I tell them I would like for them to make a smarter decision both of them will ask for fruit… but even fruit adds up in the carb department. 

Healthy Snack
Getting my kids to naturally make smarter eating habits means educating myself. The past few weeks I’ve been busy:
  • Researching alternatives to white sugar for cooking and baking.
  • Inventing healthier snacking options for the kids and asking other parents what types of health snacks their kids love. (My current favorite thing is to fill small bowls with vegetables and fruit and make a healthy snack “buffet” for my kids).
  • Trying to not get frustrated when my kiddos reject something new, but require that they take one tiny nibble or one sip of each thing. I recently heard that it takes the pallet 12 times experiencing a new flavor before you develop a taste for it.
  • Re-learning which foods are health and which aren’t. It’s more of a challenge than one would think. Millions of dollars are spent marketing foods as healthy, when really they are often far from it. 
  • Giving my kids healthy vitamins and supplements to fill in the gaps of what they may be missing from their diet. 

Until recently I’ve been stocking up on vitamins for my kids at big box stores. They are usually shaped like my kids’ favorite movie characters and what I didn’t even realize until recently is that the number 1 ingredient in these vitamins is SUGAR! 

In my research for finding healthy alternatives to sugar for my family I started looking into honey and discovered the company honibe®. Honibe® is a Canadian honey company that creates a variety of products all made with 100% Canadian Honey. 

Honey is a natural pure energy source that also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Now kids and adults can get even more energy and healing properties from Honey because honibe® has created a line of gummy vitamins for kids and adults

Every ingredient in honibe honey gummies™ is an ingredient that I recognize and can pronounce which is something I’ve been looking for in my quest for my family to live healthier lives. The flavors are all natural using fruits and berries and the coloring is natural too made of fruit skins and seeds. They are free of gluten, dairy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. What more could a girl look for in the perfect vitamin for her family?

Taste? Yep… they are delicious! When my husband took his gummy for the first time he said to me “They are so juicy!” 

The only thing my daughter was sad about was the fact that she only gets to eat 1 gummy per day. The honibe honey gummies™ have all the vitamins and nutrients packed into one vitamin where competing brands have you take 2.

Honibe® has 6 gummy formulas:


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Feel good about where your money is going! Not only is honibe a Canadian company, for every bottle of our NEW honibe honey gummies™ sold on the website, honibe will donate $0.25 cents to Vitamin Angels. This is enough money to provide one child in need with a year’s supply of Vitamin A!

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Tell me… Do you have any healthy family tips you can share with me?

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  1. Your kids are adorable. I hope my Timmy can stop asking for his favorite chocolate and candies. I’ve been trying some recipe that will keep him out of too much sugar and preservatives. I think those gummies will be a very good shot. I just found out that his allergy with nuts and dairy when we last visit his doctor. I have to be very careful with his meals. Thank you for this post. I’ve been inspire to be more careful and research moreon different healthy food for growing kids.