How to Organize Fabric Quickly, Easily and for Pennies

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Hello Creative Family Shares With You How to Organize Your Fabric Quickly, Easily and for Pennies Using Comic Book Backing Boards and a Brother Label Maker!

Hello, my name is Crystal Allen and I am a fabric-oholic. It’s a sad but true story. My fabric addition started 7 years ago, shortly after the birth of my first child, Bean. My mother-in-law brought a sewing machine to our house and suggested I might want to make the baby some handmade clothes. The rest, as they say, is history. At first it started out with seeing a design of fabric at the craft store that I thought was cute, then I started discovering fabric houses like Michael Miller, Cotton & Steele, Alexander Henry and Robert Kaufman and my interest grew. I think the time that the real “problem” started was when I realized that fabrics go out of print… “WHAT?!?!? You mean if I don’t buy that Heather Ross, Sarah Jane or Elena Lutz… it might not be available tomorrow???”

Come on ladies… I know that I can’t be the only one that’s been filled with this sense of panic?!?!?

When I opened up my own Etsy store, I had a cover for my addiction. My customers wanted to have the latest and greatest designs available for their kid’s shirts! It was my DUTY as a business person to seek out the hottest, most coveted, on trend fabrics and bring them to my customers!

Since putting my Etsy store on permanent vacation mode, I have less of an excuse to shop for fabric, but somehow, every once in awhile, some fabric seems to magically find it’s way into my online shopping cart.

My latest fabric order... would you be able to resist these???
My latest fabric order… would you be able to resist these???

 Like many fabric addicts, there is an additional layer of shame to my story. I have well over 500 yards of fabric in my sewing room/craft studio/creative space/office. How do you organize all that fabric? For years my fabric has been organized like this:

IMG_9770 copy

Shameful right? So many gorgeous fabrics, tucked away in towers of plastic storage containers. A girl could forget what she has put away in those totes! Plus it takes so long to dig through them all to find the right fabric for the right project!

Today I’m going to show you how to go from that, to this– Fabric out in the open, neatly folded, organized by category… Fabric bliss!

IMG_9783 copy

Read on to learn How to Organize Fabric Quickly, Easily and for Pennies PLUS Enter to Win a Brother Label Maker! 

How to Organize Fabric Quickly, Easily and for Pennies

What you need:

What To Do:

1. Collect your materials.

IMG_9800 copy

2. Lay your fabric out on a clean surface. Fold the fabric in half width-wise. 

IMG_9791 copy

3. Fold your fabric in half width-wise again.

IMG_9789 copy

4. Lay a comic book board on top of your fabric.

IMG_9792 copy

5. Tightly fold the fabric around the comic book board.


6. Sort your fabric into categories and create labels using your Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker.

FullSizeRender copy

7. Organize your fabric by category on your book shelf and label so you remember what goes where. 



Voila! Your fabric is organized, and it only cost you pennies to do!

Want to see it in action? Press play on the instagram photo below. While you’re at it, follow HelloCreativeCrystal and HelloCreativeFamily!

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Now, let me tell you about the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker and why I love it so much. 

1. The machine has symbols, frames and fun fonts built right into it!

2. Want even more creativity when it comes to your labels? Hook it up to your computer for added design capabilities!

3. You can store 99 different labels in the memory. So great when you have kids! Do up a label design for each member of your family that you can print out in seconds for easy labeling of school supplies, lunches, jackets and sports gear!

4. The machine can be used with batteries or be plugged into the wall, making it 100% portable.

5. You can print labels onto iron on fabric tape… Every single one of my kiddos’ jackets will soon be labeled!

6. You can print up to 7 lines of text… mailing labels anyone?

7. It’s so easy to use that my 7 year old can use it!

8. The machine can print QR codes, barcodes and logos… if you’re down with that kind of thing. 😉

9. The automatic tape cutter and split back tape shave time off your label making… and what creative mom doesn’t love that???

10. Brother is giving one of my lucky readers a Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker of their very own!!!

IMG_9801 copy

Want to win this awesome machine? Enter below and tell me… What’s the first thing you would label?

Disclosure: Thank you to Brother Canada for working with us on this post, as with every article on Hello Creative Family, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. 

Must have a Canadian Shipping Address to win. 

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  1. All our Tupperware and craft supplies!

  2. The first thing I would label are my spice jars

  3. Kimberley Buckton says:

    I would label all of our boxes in storage and all my craft supplies

  4. My daughter is getting married next month, and I’m getting a new sewing room!!! I could label everything in sight once I move my stuff into her old room, but maybe the first would be all my precuts.

  5. sarah sar says:

    I would love to label my sewing supplies!

  6. This would be a fantastic win! I would be able to organize my couponing binders and shelves! Exciting!

  7. I would label my storage boxes and bins first