How To Update A Clutch Purse With Gold Glitter Monogram

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In celebration of the release of Cricut's Gold Edition, Hello Creative Family shares how to update a clutch purse with a gold glitter monogram 2

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My husband says that I have too many purses. He says that I don’t need to buy any more of them. This drives me batty! I girl can never have too many purses! Purses have so many purposes– they can be functional, they can be a statement piece, they can help you accessorize an outfit, they can even be an ice breaker… seriously walk up to any woman and tell her you love her purse… chances are a conversation is going to result!

While my husband told me that I couldn’t BUY an new purses… he didn’t say anything about making a new purse or even updating a purse that I have!

I’ve wanted an envelope clutch for quite awhile now. I’m known for always carrying a huge purse, but I wanted something smaller that I could take with me when I’m quickly popping out to the store, or heading out for date night with The Hubs (AKA when I don’t have kids with me and need everything but the kitchen sink in my purse!) 

First I hit up the local thrift store looking for one, because really what could The Hubs say if I found a smoking deal on a purse and paid less than $10 for it??? Alas, I came up empty handed, not an envelope style clutch in site, in fact there weren’t any clutches to be found, apparently I wasn’t the only one looking for one.

Since I came up empty handed at the thrift store, I decided to design and sew my own! (Look for a complete tutorial on how to sew a 30 minute envelope style clutch coming soon. Sign up to be notified when we post it.

I purposefully used a dark fabric and kept it pretty simple so that I could embellish it once it was done. Once I was satisfied with my design and had the clutch sewn I decided to turn on the Cricut and customize it! I wanted something completely different from the other purses in my collection, a statement piece with some bling… but elegant at the same time. 

Nothing says elegant like designer Anna Griffin. Cricut has 6 different print cartridges available through Cricut Design Space and so I poured through the files and selected my favorites. 

I loved the idea of having my initials monogrammed in gold, so I chose my initials from the Anna’s Decorative Monogram’s cartridge along with a knot design from Anna’s Flourish Cards and Embellishments.

Read on for instructions on instructions for how to update a clutch purse! 


How To Update A Clutch Purse With Gold Glitter Monogram & Embellishments



1. Log into Cricut Design Space and select your designs.

2. Measure the area on your purse where you want your embellishments and size your designs accordingly.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 6.59.00 PM

3. I like to figure out layout at this point. I press shift, slick on each image, right click and choose group, then click attach in the layers toolbox on the upper right hand side. This keeps everything laid out, with the proper spacing making it easy to apply at one time after the images are cut. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.09.43 PM

4. Click go, lay Cricut Iron On Glitter, shiny side down on your cutting mat, insert cutting mat into your Cricut, select mirror image in the left hand column, select the proper material on your Cricut dial (iron on) and cut!

5. Weed your iron on and then apply to your clutch following the instructions on the package. Please make sure to heat test a unnoticeable section of your purse before ironing it. 

Voila! You’re left with an gorgeous purse that’s sure to become a statement piece!


Want your purse embellishments to be a bit more temporary? Skip the iron and try using gold vinyl instead, then peel the embellishments off when you’re done!

PS. Anna Griffin has some GORGEOUS Christmas Design Cartridges that were just released! You’ll want to check them out here.

What’s better than a gold embellished clutch??? How about a GOLD CRICUT!!!

Cricut Gold

Cricut is going to release a GOLD edition machine on HSN on October 7th! This machine is definitely going on my WANT! NEED! NOW! Pinterest board! Cricut loves to celebrate in style sothey’re throwing a huge virtual party to celebrate the launch (hint… there will be a TON of awesome giveaways!) You can even enter to win a GOLD Cricut machine for yourself, just by RSVP’ing! I’m going to be there on the 7th doing a special “Ask Me Anything” segments, so if you’ve ever wanted to ask me about where I get my inspiration, or my tips and tricks for using the Cricut…. Now’s your chance! Come and join me, and let’s get our party on!


Tell me… What questions about Cricut and/or my design process would you like me to answer at the Cricut Gold Party?

Disclosure: Thank you to Cricut for working with us on this post. As with every article on Hello Creative Family, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. 

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  1. I can’t wait to attend and hope to learn that the Cricut Gold is relatively easy to use for a newbie!!!
    Thanks Crystal!

    1. so cute

    2. I found that the Cricut was really easy to learn how to use Jillian! When it was on it’s way to me I started to watch youtube videos on how to use it. By the time it arrived I was ready to go. All I needed to do was plug it in and start creating!

      Best Wishes,


  2. Everything here looks so yummy! Could you please explain what the “built-in” accessories adapter in the Cricut Explore will be for? What will the accessories be?

  3. This is AWESOME! Maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to have the Explore and make something as beautiful! I can at least dream!