Make Custom Stickers With Creative Fabrica Studio + Win A Cricut Maker 3!

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Design fun custom stickers that you can cut with your Cricut cutting machine using Creative Fabrica Studio. This online design platform is easy to use and packed with tons of design assets including images, fonts and an AI art creator!

Create adorable custom stickers using your Cricut Cutting Machine and Creative Fabrica Studio.

Disclosure: Thank you to Creative Fabrica for working with me on this sponsored post. As with all content on Hello Creative Family, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

2024 is my year of improving as an artist. I constantly have my iPad and Apple Pencil nearby and have been pushing myself to take part in drawing challenges, take online art classes and practice my craft.

Crystal Allen from Hello Creative Family drawing a bee on her ipad with an apple pencil.

That being said, sometimes my skills don’t match my vision. For example, my fantasy book loving heart recently had a vision of a sticker that I really wanted to make. It had an adorable multicolored dragon reading a book. It was covered in flowers with iridescent scales. Below the dragon were the words “Reality Is Overrated.”

Drawing dragons is not in my wheelhouse. So what’s a creative girly to do? If you are in a similar boat I have the perfect answer for you!

In this post I’m going to be introducing you to my favorite new platform for designing stickers– Creative Fabrica’s Studio.

Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this post! Creative Fabrica is going to be giving one lucky reader a Cricut Maker 3 so that they can make stickers of their own!

Screenshot of Creative Fabrica website

If you have followed Hello Creative Family for long, chances are that you have heard of Creative Fabrica.

It is my favorite one stop shop for fonts, SVG files, laser cut files, Procreate brushes, Procreate color palettes and so much more. It’s a website that I suggest all creators check out!

With a seemingly endless library of digital files, commercial use licenses on everything you purchase and the ability to buy products one off or get unlimited downloads as part of their Creative Fabrica All Access Subscription it’s truly an incredible website for designers, crafters and creative entrepreneurs.

Creative Fabrica Studio

One thing about creatives is that they are constantly innovating and dreaming of their next big thing– and Creative Fabrica is no exception when it comes to innovation. They recently launched their Studio an online design platform which allows users to dive into boundless design possibilities, offering unrestricted access to an extensive collection of millions of assets, making it easy to bring your ideas to life.

I decided to use Studio to create a set of four reading themed stickers that I cut out using my Cricut cutting machine.

The program was user friendly and intuitive to use. It was easy to explore the different tools and resources in Studio and completely customize my designs with custom colors, fonts, images, background removers and so much more.

Four sticker designs to promote reading featuring adorable animals reading books.

My family and I are big readers so I decided to do a set of reading themed stickers for my first Studio project.

I wanted to test out different features of Studio so two of the stickers I made were using existing elements from within the Studio Graphics library and two of the stickers I made using Creative Fabrica’s AI program– Spark AI.

Creative Fabrica Studio Graphic Library

Two sticker designs to promote reading featuring adorable animals reading books.

I have used a LOT of online design programs and one of the features that I usually find lacking is the graphics library. It’s hard to have all the ideas that I have in my head available in a library.

I was pretty shocked when I typed “Animal Reading” into their search bar and literally had hundreds if not thousands of high-quality graphics to choose from. They have a very extensive asset library.

I checked the other two online design programs that I use and one had no results when I searched “Animal Reading” and the other had some but they all had a very basic clipart look to them which wasn’t the vibe that I was going for.

My guess is that the graphics library is perhaps AI generated because I saw some unexpected animals in the library and there were a ton of options to choose from.

Design frog reading stickers in Creative Fabrica Studio

I was able to further nail down and type in things like “Frog Reading” and again had hundreds if not thousands of images to choose from.

I selected two adorable images– a frog reading and a mouse reading to create my sticker designs with.

Creative Fabrica Studio AI Spark

Two sticker designs to promote reading featuring adorable animals reading books.

For my next two images I decided to put Creative Fabrica’s AI Spark to the test.

I first experimented with AI Spark shortly after Creative Fabrica launched it, and was excited to see that you can use AI Spark from directly within Studio.

Using AI to create artwork can definitely be challenging. There is a learning curve to figuring out what keywords to use to bring the images in your imagination to life.

Creative Fabrica has an excellent article on their website on How To Write Great Prompts for AI Art Generators. It was a great refresher and really helped me narrow in on the keywords that I wanted to use.

Designing koala reading stickers in Creative Fabrica Studio

I grew up in the 80’s/90’s when every young girl had Lisa Frank school supplies so Lisa Frank was definitely my inspiration (and one of my keywords) when writing a prompt for these stickers.

I created two images for my AI Art stickers– a dragon reading a book and a koala reading a book.

Adding Text To Your Sticker Designs

Once I had my images picked out it was time to add some text to them. When you click the text button in Studio there are some nice font suggestions that pop up automatically.

Designing dragon reading stickers in Creative Fabrica Studio

There is also a long list of fonts that you can choose from to use along with a ton of customization options including making your text wavy, arched, in a circle and more.

Designing dragon reading stickers in Creative Fabrica Studio

I didn’t see the option available but I think that it would be really nice in the future if there was the ability to use fonts that you have installed on your computer for your projects or even have fonts that you have purchased from Creative Fabrica automatically load into your Studio dashboard.

Designing mouse reading stickers in Creative Fabrica Studio

You can also choose the color for each of your text elements by using the color picker dropper and selecting a color from your image.

After I added my text I was ready to export my images however there are so many more options available in Studio. You could add extra elements to your design, insert photos, add a background, create patterns and even draw!

Exporting Your Sticker Design From Studio

Once you’ve put all of your finishing touches on your sticker design it’s time to export your image.

This is as simple as pressing the share button and clicking download.

Exporting images from Creative Fabrica Studio

On the download screen you’ll have a few different options to choose from including making your background transparent (you’ll want to do this for stickers), flipping your image horizontally (especially useful if you are going to be sublimating your image) and what image type you would like to export as.

Create adorable custom stickers using your Cricut Cutting Machine and Creative Fabrica Studio.

Once you have your image exported it’s time to print then cut them! My favorite way to make my stickers is with my Cricut cutting machine.

Making stickers with your Cricut is a breeze and with Studio the possibilities are endless!


If making holographic glitter stickers:


Step 1: Click the “Upload” button and upload your saved sticker images to Design Space. Make sure to save the image as a “Flat Graphic”.

Use your Cricut to make stickers you design in Creative Fabrica Studio

Step 2: Select your first sticker image and then click the “Offset” button. Set the offset to the size that you would like it then click apply.

Use your Cricut to make stickers you design in Creative Fabrica Studio

Change your offset layer to the color that you would like it, then with your sticker layer and offset layer selected click the flatten button. This will turn your sticker into one piece letting your Cricut know what area is printed and where it should cut around. Repeat for each of your stickers.

Step 3: Click on each design and size it to the size that you would like it to be using the size tool in the upper toolbar or by using the arrows that appear when you hover over the corners of your image.

Use your Cricut to make stickers you design in Creative Fabrica Studio

Step 4: Click Make It and follow the prompts on the screen to connect your machine, print your stickers (I print using the system dialogue box and print on the “best” setting) and cut your stickers. If you would like add a holographic overlay to your sticker sheet before cutting.

When I cut my stickers with a holographic overlay I cut them on Heavy Cardstock setting.

Four sticker designs to promote reading featuring adorable animals reading books.

These stickers turned out so cute and I enjoyed the Studio design process so much! Want to make stickers of your own? I encourage you to try out Creative Fabrica’s Studio and experiment with making your own sticker designs! It will help you bring your unlimited creativity to new heights!

Try Studio today here!

I’m also giving away the sticker images that I made for this post. Enter your name and email address in the box below and I will send these sticker cut files straight to your inbox.

Please remember this printable is for personal use only. 

  • This file can be used in part or in whole for your personal projects.
  • Digital reselling, sharing, redistributing of the files is NOT allowed. If you would like to share, please direct friends to the original blog post where you found this printable file

I had a ton of fun learning how to use Creative Fabrica’s Studio!

Here are my 5 favorite things about the program:

  1. An incredible graphic library along with the ability to upload your own files or bring your imagination to life using Spark AI.
  2. User friendly for all skill levels from beginners to experienced designers and design professionals.
  3. Small business friendly with a commercial use license included for all assets available within Studio, Print On Demand (POD) size templates and more!
  4. Amazing free templates at your fingertips to jumpstart your creative process.
  5. Many features free to use for all users. All features free to use for Creative Fabrica subscribers.

I hope that you found this article to be informative and that they help you start your Studio design journey today and that it helps you bring all of your creative visions to life! I had a blast using it and I hope that you do too!


Win a Cricut Maker 3

Who wants to win a Cricut Maker 3?!?! Creative Fabrica is generously giving one lucky Hello Creative Family reader a Cricut Maker 3 for all of their sticker making and cutting machine crafting needs!

Want to enter to win? Enter in the box below!

Contest open to residents of Canada and the USA.

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