Thrift Store Finds- Updating Old Jackets

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Thrift Store Find Re-invented jacket denim

Hello my name is Crystal and I am a thrift store junkie. LOL. When I was a kid, during the summer my mom would take my sister and I grocery shopping with her. If we were good our treat was going to the Salvation Army and we could each buy a pile of books. As I grew up my love of books grew even stronger (I work as a Children’s Book Publicist) but I stopped my thrift store trips in my teenage years.

Recently, as I’ve started hunting for Granny Square Blankets, my love for thrifting has returned.

I was at my parent’s house over the weekend and my mom showed me two old blazer style jackets that she had picked up at Goodwill. She said that when she found them they looked incredibly outdated. When she looked closer she realized the jackets were still nice, but that the buttons were clunky, ugly and very unfashionable. Being the seamstress that she is she looked past the ugly buttons, bought them for a steal at $5.00 each!!! and brought them home.

20 minutes later the old buttons were gone, they were replaced with beautiful coconut shell buttons that I bought for her on Etsy and she now has two lovely blazer style jackets that she has been getting a ton of compliments on at work.

I convinced my sister to model them for me over the weekend. The caveat was that I couldn’t show her face. She’s gorgeous, if you want  to see what she looks like it’s her in the picture with Bean in my Photo to Wood Transfer Tutorial.

Thrift Store Find Re-invented jacket redThrift Store Find Re-invented jacket red cordThrift Store Find Re-invented jacket denimThrift Store Find Re-invented jacket Pretty fab right?

Do you thrift? What are you always on the hunt for at the thrift store? I was pretty amused on Saturday. The Hubs and I were shopping and split up so I could go to Joanns and he could go the hardware store. Our agreement was to meet at Goodwill when we were done. When The Hubs walked in he immediately b-lined it to the bedding section. I guess he knew I’d be hunting for granny square blankets. Alas they had none.

I’d love to see your thrift store finds! Share away friends. 

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