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Take a virtual tropical getaway with this this free Rainforest Activity Sheets Printable from Hello Creative Family and EnviroKidz! Includes two jungle coloring sheets, a maze, match games, patterns and tropical crossword puzzles. A fun jungle activity pack for elementary school aged kids!

Take a virtual tropical getaway with this this free Rainforest Activity Sheets Printable from Hello Creative Family and EnviroKidz! Includes two jungle coloring sheets, a maze, match games, patterns and tropical crossword puzzles. A fun jungle activity pack for elementary school aged kids!

Hi Crafty Friends! Today I’m back with a brand new printable and giveaway in partnership with my good friends at EnviroKidz! (Read all the way to the bottom to enter to win a 3 month supply of EnviroKidz cereal and $50 in Paypal money!) This printable is adorable and features some of my favorite rainforest pals– lemurs, parrots, chimps and more! I love these three animals so much and EnviroKidz does too! In fact they have cereals dedicated to each of these animals!

1% of sales of every box of EnviroKidz cereal is donated to environmental education projects that support vulnerable animals, like lemurs, parrots and chimpanzees! That really adds up! They have donated over 4 million USD so far!

I’m a firm believer that education leads to conservation, so today I’m going to share with you some facts about these incredible animals.

Lemur sitting in a tree.

Lemur Facts

  1. There are over 100 species of lemurs in all shapes and sizes! The smallest is the Madame Berthe’s Mouse Lemur which weighs on average just 30 grams (about the size of a large mouse) the largest is the Indri Lemur which weighs between 13 to 20 pounds (that’s the size of an infant to toddler!).
  2. Madagascar is the only natural habitat for the lemur! Lemurs have been introduced to other areas by humans, but Madagascar is the only place where they are found naturally in the wild.
  3. Females are the boss in the lemur world! Lemur society has a dominant female who “runs” the lemur society. This is rare in the mammal world where males are usually dominant.
  4. Lemurs and bees have something in common! They both play a very important role in pollination! Pollen and seeds collect in a lemur’s fur and is transported from one plant to another as the lemur moves throughout the forest!
  5. Lemurs are the oldest living primates! Scientists believe that there were lemur like creatures alive during the dinosaur ages and have classified the lemur family as the oldest living primates in the world! Scientists think that lemurs travelled on floating vegetation across the Indian Ocean to Madagascar and over the years have evolved to the 112 species of lemurs that are alive today.
Adorable baby chimpanzee sitting on a log.

Chimpanzee Facts

  1. Did you know that chimpanzees are not monkeys? They are apes! Apes and monkeys are both primates, but there are 200 species of monkeys and only a handful of species of apes. One of the easiest ways to tell if a primate is a monkey or ape is whether they have a tail or not. Monkeys have tails and apes like humans, chimpanzees and gorillas do not! Monkeys also usually are smaller with narrow chests, while apes are bigger with broad chests and shoulders that allow them to swing through trees. Most monkeys get around by running across branches rather than swinging.
  2. The DNA of chimpanzees and humans is 98.5% the same! It’s almost like they are our long lost cousins. Because our DNA is so closely related we share a lot of similar features including hands that can grasp, big toes on our feet and expressive faces. Other similarities that we have is in our behavior– both chimps and humans play, laugh hug and walk upright!
  3. Chimps “talk” to each other and communicate! Their communication includes gestures, facial expressions and hoots, grunts and screams. Chimps are the second most intelligent primates (right after humans!)
  4. Chimpanzees are adventurous with their eating! There is no such thing as a fussy eater in the chimp world. Some chimps eat up to 200 different kinds of food including fruit (their favorite), insects, flowers, leaves, birds eggs, seeds and even wild pigs!
  5. Did you know that chimpanzees can use tools? It’s true! These clever apes are known to use rocks to crack open nuts. They also go fishing for insects by sticking sticks into logs and use giant rainforest leaves as umbrellas! Clever primates!
Two scarlet macaws sitting in a tree.

Parrot Facts

  1. There are roughly 372 species of parrots in the world! They include Blue Macaws, Sun Conures, Yellow Crested Cockatoos and Budgies. Most of these species are found in tropical and subtropical regions in South America, Australia and Asia.
  2. Can parrots talk? The answer is– Kind of! Parrots can imitate sounds and they use this imitation to communicate with each other in the wild. This helps to keep them safe. For example if they see a snake, parrots can imitate the call of a hawk to scare it away. They also learn to imitate the sound of other members of their flock. Parrots kept as pets are able to imitate phrases that their family says, telephones, microwaves beeping and other sounds. African grey parrots, parakeets, Amazon parrots and macaws are the best imitators.
  3. Parrots find their mate, and stick together for life! When it’s time for a male parrot to mate for the first time he puts on a courtship display where he dances, makes various expressions and parades himself around. When a female parrot chooses him they stick together for life– not just during mating season like many other animals who mate for life do. Mated parrots help each other find food, keep each other safe while they sleep, groom each other and raise their young together– all which helps to strengthen their bond!
  4. Cockatoos express themselves with their headcrest! You know how you can tell a lot about a dog by the way they are moving their ears? Cockatoos are able to move their headcrest the same way a dog can move their ears. People who know cockatoos well can tell if they are scared, excited, angry or other emotions depending on the way their headcrest is raised or lowered!
  5. Baby parrots are called chicks and come from eggs. Many parrots lay their eggs in a nest, but some lay them in tree holes, tunnels in the ground and rock cavities. Female parrots lay 2-8 eggs during the breeding season that take anywhere from 17-35 days to hatch depending on the type of parrot.

Rainforest Adventures Activity Pack

Take a virtual tropical getaway with this this free Rainforest Activity Sheets Printable from Hello Creative Family and EnviroKidz! Includes two jungle coloring sheets, a maze, match games, patterns and tropical crossword puzzles. A fun jungle activity pack for elementary school aged kids!

One of the things that is leading to so many of our favorite rainforest friends becoming endangered is deforestation. I have two suggestions for ways that your kids can use this activity pack that allows them to use the same pages many times over.

  1. Consider using this printable on a tablet or ipad. On an ipad your child can use the app Procreate with an Apple pencil to color the coloring pages, solve the maze, complete the crossword puzzle and all the other fun activities from this packet. In my free download I’m giving you both a pdf and png files of each of these pages to make it easier for you to use this download electronically.
  2. Print these pages and then laminate them. Have your child use dry erase markers to complete the pages. When they are done, wipe them down and they are all set to be used again in the future. I have had readers tell me that they have a basket or drawer filled with laminated copies of my printables and that when their kids are feeling bored they grab a page and a few dry erase markers and have some fun! This idea is so fun for camping too! My son loves working on activity sheet pages during breakfast while he eats his EnviroKidz cereal, and if a bit of milk gets on the activity page it’s super easy to clean up and then you can continue working on the same page without the paper getting soggy! Below are some supplies you can use for that!
Laminated Rainforest Activity Sheet Printable Bundle with a bowl of ChocoChimps EnviroKidz Cereal! Milk and cereal is spilled on the laminated pages.

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Tell me… Which EnviroKidz cover animal is your favorite, and which cereal would you eat first if you won!

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    I’d like to try the EnviroKidz Panda Puffs and the Panda is my favorite animal on the cereal boxes.

  6. My favorite cover animal is the panda. The cereal I would most like to try is the Panda Puffs!

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  10. Leapin’ Lemurs. Seeing the lemur in the mornings is more interesting than our current cereal boxes

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    My favorite animal is the Gorilla and the Gorilla Munch Cereal would be a hit with my grandchildren.

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